Eline Drent Fall 2022

College tennis beurs Amerika Eline Drent

Date of birth:
Year of grad:


Available Fall 2022




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 160 lbs

Personal and academic information

Sixteen-year-old Eline Drent from Utrecht, The Netherlands, grew up in a highly-educated and athletic family (with her parents and two brothers). In addition to playing tennis she also did field hockey, windsurfing, sailing and skiing form a young age. 

She is a very passionated, sportive, social and very caring girl. In her free time, Eline loves board- and card-games, spending time with her family and hanging out with her friends. She works as a babysitter for multiple families and also works as a sailing instructor.


In addition to being a great athlete she is also an outstanding student. She is a senior in high school at the highest level (VWO) and is expected to graduate in June 2022. Her favorite subjects are chemistry, physics, and drama. She achieved a composite score of 19 on her ACT and 73 on her TOEFL. 


After graduating high school, Eline would like to continue her education and play college tennis. She is looking forward to keep improving her tennis game and having a new learning experience in the USA.


Athletic achievements  

Eline started playing tennis at her hometown club LTC Vleuten de Meern at the age of five. At the age of 11 she chose to focus on solely tennis and decided to start training at BTA toptennis in order to play at a higher level. In the following years she started training more and more, until almost daily the last few years. 


In 2017 she had the opportunity to have an unforgettable tennis experience at the Nadal Academy during the Christmas break. In 2020 she decided to join a second club, TC Domstad, in order to train with more competitive players.


Eline is an all-court-player with powerful groundstrokes. When the opportunity arises she likes  to come to the net. She has good footwork, is mentally strong and is always finding ways to improve her skills and likes to learn new things. In addition to playing singles Eline also loves to play doubles in tournaments and club competitions.