Brechtje Voskuil Placed

College tennisbeurs Amerika Brechtje

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2021



September 2020
September 2020

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'3 ftft
Weight: 114 lbs

Personal and academic information 


Seventeen-year-old Brechtje Voskuil from Zeist, the Netherlands, grew up in a big, highly-educated and athletic family. In that perspective she has learned from an early age that pursuing a dream comes with dedication and discipline.


The best description of her character is social, dedicated, ambitious and competitive. She has always been interested in multiple sports like tennis, field hockey, biking, sailing and skiing. Besides her tennis game, she practices her field hockey 3 times a week. Furthermore, she is doing workouts every week.

Brechtje is a social person. Hanging out and doing sportive things with her friends are one of her favorite activities. A year ago, Brechtje has led a summer camp on an elementary school in Vancouver, Canada.


Brechtje is currently in her senior year of high-school at the highest level (VWO level) and is expected to graduate in June 2021. She is in the school’s top 10% with her grades. Her favorite subjects are biology, mathematics, chemistry and sciences. She is scheduled to take the ACT and TOEFL in September 2020. 


Athletic information


Brechtje started playing tennis at the age of six. However, at the age of ten, she stopped for a few years to practice other sports like field hockey. Nevertheless, she missed tennis so much that she started training again. Over the last year, tennis has become Brechtje’s main focus. Now, she is disciplined to greatly improve her tennis game and therefor is currently increasing her practice time tremendously. 


Brechtje is a solid baseline player that likes to physically outplay her opponent. Her consistency, forehand, speed and lob are her powerful weapons. She is a dedicated team player, works hard, learns fast and is mentally strong.


As a result of doing gymnastics Brechtje is in great shape and has the strength, agility and discipline to greatly improve her tennis game.