Jacqueline Kamps Placed

Universiteits tennis beurs Amerika Jacqueline

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Spring 2020




Country: The Netherlands
Height:   6' ft
Weight:  lbs

Personal and academic information

Jacqueline Kamps is a 21-year-young lady who grew up together with her sister and brother in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Jacqueline can be described as a highly responsible, social and clever girl who always aims for the best possibility and does not settle for less. Sports has always been a big part of her life and besides tennis she also played soccer at a high level for some years. 

Besides being a very good athlete, Jacqueline is also an outstanding student. In June 2015 she successfully finished high school at the highest level of education in the Netherlands (VWO), holding a 3.6 GPA. In fall of 2015, she immediately enrolled into college at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam majoring Science Business and Innovation’. In summer of 2019 she graduated her bachelor’s degree with good results. She achieved a GMAT score of 600 and a score of 100 at the TOEFL. 

Jacqueline will have 3 semesters of eligibility left and it is her dream to pursue a master’s degree in the spring of 2020.

Athletic information

Jacqueline started playing tennis at the age of 7. During her junior career she played many tournaments and club competition. Almost every year she was the champion of her tennis association. 

Jacqueline is a 6ft right, two-handed backhand player and her biggest weapon is his strong forehand and strategic way of playing. She is an aggressive baseline player who is keen to go to the net. When the situation requires she also can be patient and waits for the right moment to make the point. She has a great variation in her game with spin, slice, volley and dropshots. 


In addition Jacqueline is a good doubles players with great volleys. She reads the game very well, is balanced and sportive. Jacqueline loves it to play in a team and is very coachable