Brecht Chamuleau Placed

College tennisbeurs Amerika Brecht

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2019





Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'11 ft
Weight: 150 lbs

Personal and academic information


Brecht Chamuleau is a young, active man who has managed to find a great balance between his education and his sporting life. He was born in Amsterdam, and now lives in Utrecht. He has spent 1 year living in Louisville, Kentucky due to his fathers work. During his time in Louisville, he went to school and learned to speak fluent English, from which he still benefits. Next to playing tennis he loves soccer, doing gymnastics and hanging out with his friends.


He is currently in his senior year of high-school at the highest level (VWO/Gymnasium) holding a 3.8 GPA and is expected to graduate in June 2019.  He is at the schools top 10% with his grades, and has excellent references for beta/exact subjects like chemistry, sciences, biology and mathematics. In addition he is in the U-talent program which is at the University of Utrecht since last year. U-Talent is a cooperation between the University of Utrecht, the Hogeschool Utrecht and 44 secondary schools within the local area. Brecht achieved a composite score of 28 on the ACT  and a score of 114 on his TOEFL.

Brecht is very much looking forward to join a college tennis team next year! 

Athletic information


Brecht practices his different sports every day. He practices his gymnastics for over 4 hours per week, where he is motivated and eager to learn new skills. As a result of doing gymnastics Brecht is in great shape and has the strength and discipline to greatly improve his tennis game. Importantly, he is in physical good shape and never suffered injuries so far.

Besides his gymnastics he played soccer for 11 years, which has significantly contributed to his physical condition. He mostly played as a left striker because of his speed. His speed is also one of his strengths in tennis. Having played soccer, tennis and done gymnastics simultaneously, Brecht practiced his various sports for over 14 hours per week for the last 3 years. Last year he quit playing soccer so he would be able to focus more on his tennis.

Over the last years, tennis has become Brecht’s main focus. He now plays at least 4 times a week and, whenever possible, playing every day of the week. His strong forehand stroke and agility are a powerful weapons. He is a dedicated team player, works hard, learns fast and is mentally strong. Brecht wins his matches by tactically and physically outplaying his opponents. Furthermore, he watches professional tennis matches (both live, and on TV) and analyses the technique and strategies of various world-class players. His projected UTR is 4.8 but we estimate his UTR to be around 5.5 with a lot of room to grow.