Fiona Curty Placed

Tennis stipendium USA

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available fall 2016




Country: Switzerland
Height:   5'5 ft
Weight:  128 lbs

Personal and academic information


Fiona is a 19-year-old girl who grew up with her mother and big brother in Orbe, Switzerland. Fiona likes to play golf, beach volley, football as well as trying new sports (she practiced an unknown sport in her youth called “baton twirling”). Her family would describe Fiona as diligent, hard-working, generous and persevering.

She graduated in July 2013 in Lausanne (High School of Beaulieu) and is now in her Sophomore year at Lindsey Wilson college.


Fiona would like to transfer to an NCAA institution to compete in a more challenging program.


Athletic information


Fiona has been playing tennis since the age of three and started competing when she was 8. During her junior career, Fiona has played several open tournaments for juniors and seniors in singles and doubles.


She is a right-handed player who plays aggressively. Her biggest strengths are her forehand and her slice. She has an all-around game that bothers opponents, with her variety of shots. She takes every opportunity to come to the net and finish-up the points. On top of that, Fiona is a very tough competitor and hard worker both on and off the court. 


Fiona is three time junior state champion, one time active state champion and one time double junior state champion. She has also played interclub in the National C League, which is the third best league in Switzerland for three years. Her highest national Swiss open women's ranking is 130.


Fiona has been playing nr 3 singles and nr 2 doubles for Lindsey Wilson College since January 2015. She had a 14-6 singles record and 17-4 doubles record.Fiona won with her team the Conference Tournament in Bowling green reached the semi-final of the National Championship in Mobile, Alabama. 


Fiona is currently ranked #3 in the ITA East Region and #19 in the ITA National polls. Lindsey is ranked #1 in the Mid-South Conference and #3 in the NAIA Nationally.