Olivier Kong Placed

tennis stipendium USA

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



 Available Fall 2015


May 2015
May 2015
May 2015
April 2015

Country: Switzerland
Height:   6'2 ft
Weight:  154 lbs

Personal and Academic Information


Olivier is 20 years old and lives in Zuerich, Switzerland. Besides tennis Olivier enjoys many other kind of sports activities, specialy hockey and soccer.


Olivier graduated in high school (Diploma of Commerce) in October 2013 and is looking to enroll into college in the fall of 2015. He is scheduled to take the TOEFL test in April and SAT in May 2015.


Since graduation he is working for his fathers business in the mornings  he practices in the afternoon. 

It is the dream of Olivier to play College Tennis in the United States and to continue his education. 

Athletic Information


Olivier is a right handed player who plays aggressively from the baseline. Once the opportunity arises he likes to come forward and finish the point at the net. His favorite strokes are his backhand and return. In addition he has a big serve and is mentally very tough.


During his junior career Olivier was always ranked amongst the top 15 of his age group and he played the national junior championships multiple times. Olivier is currently ranked within the top 120 in the national open mens ranking.


Olivier currently trains about 12 hours a week tennis and  2 hours a week he does kickboxing.


Best results:


  • Win over Matej Kostadinov / Swiss-Ranking Nr. 107 / 6:1 6:3
  • Win over Jeremy Moser / Swiss-Ranking Nr. 139 / 6:4 6:0
  • Win over Jordan Reed-Thomas / Swiss-Ranking Nr. 89 / 6:3 6:3
  • Win over Henry von der Schulenburg / Swiss-Ranking Nr. 126 / 6:3 3:6 6:2
  • Win over Pierre-Louis Dodens / Swiss-Ranking Nr. 111 / 6:2 6:2
  • Win over Yvon Haessig / Swiss-Ranking Nr. 100 / 6:3 6:0
  • Win over Maximilian Strasser / Swiss-Ranking Nr. 143 / 6:4 6:0
  • Win over Yanik K√§lin / Swiss-Ranking Nr. 91  / 6:3 6:2