Mendy de Rooi Paced

Zwembeurs amerika Mendy

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2017




Country: Netherlands
Height:   5'5 ft
Weight:   128 lbs

Personal and academic information

Mendy is an eighteen year old girl who was born and raised in Lelystad, the Netherlands. She grew up in a small family with her mom, dad and older sister. She is a very independent and athletic individual that has experienced some rough events during her junior years.


at the age of 16 her dad passed away which understandably had a big impact on her life and her Swimming. Mendy and her dad had a very special bond and he drove her every day to the swimming pool.


Mendy is currently a senior in high school at middle level vocational education level with a focus on sport and PE. She is expected to graduate in May 2017. 


Mendy achieved a total score of 980 on her SAT and 79 on her TOEFL. 


Athletic information


Mendy is an allround swimmer that prefers freestyle and butterfly. In addition she can swim the backstroke and the breaststroke too. During her junior career she became Dutch junior campion on the 100m Fly when she was 14 years old and one year later she qualified for the European Youth Olympic Festival. 


Unfortunately, due to financial reasons Mendy couldn’t proceed with her swimming. In 2015 she picked her swimming up again and this year she qualified for 5 events at the Dutch national championships. Eventhough she didn’t swim at her best she is still happy with her development. Mendy is eager to keep developing herself in college.


Her best personal records converted to yards are:

  • 50 yard freestyle: 0:24.58
  • 100 yard freestyle: 0:53.27
  • 200 yard freestyle: 1:58.57
  • 100 yard backstroke: 1:01.39
  • 200 yard backstroke: 2:11.13
  • 50 yard butterfly: 0:26.01
  • 100 yard butterfly: 0:57.47
  • 100 yard breast: 1:10.71
  • 200 yard IM: 2:14.97

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