Hanna Van Horen Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



 Available Fall 2015



February 2015
April 2015

Country: Belgium
Height:  5'9 ft
Weight: 139 lbs

Personal and Academic Information


Hanna Van Horen is a 17-year old girl who grew up in Hofstade, a little town in East Flanders, Belgium. She is the oldest of three children; she has a sister and a brother.  In her free time, she loves to spend time with her friends and family, likes to read books and to ride a bike.

Hanna is currently in her senior year of high school and is expected to graduate in June of 2015. She has a Science-Modern Languages focus and has both sciences and languages as major subjects. She is scheduled to take the ACT in April and the TOEFL in February of 2015.

Hanna is strongly motivated to continue to combine sports and education, both at a high level. 

Athletic Information

Hanna has been swimming at swim club Neptunes since she was 5 years old and during her junior career she competed at many regional, national and open tournaments.

Hanna became champion of Flanders on the 200m backstroke and second on the 100m backstroke under 12 (2009). In 2013 she was third on the 100m freestyle (under 16) during the Flanders Speedo Cup, a competition where also a lot of European swimmers participate. Last year she won two bronze medals (200m freestyle and 50m butterfly) at the Belgian national Championships under 18 and she also competed at the Belgian open national championships.

Her favorite distances are: 100, 200 & 400 freesyle, 50 & 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke. She is currently mainly focussing on 100 & 200 freestyle and 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke.

Hanna trains 7 times a week for a total of 13 hours in the water and also goes to the gym 3 hours per week for injury prevention and power training.

Her best personal records converted to yards are:

  • 100 yard freestyle: 0:52.51
  • 200 yard freestyle: 1:52.51
  • 500 yard freestyle: 5:16.54
  • 50 yard butterfly: 0:25.88
  • 100 yard butterfly: 0:58.54
  • 100 yard backstroke: 0:59.36

For all personal records and progress, please view the following link:


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