Bart Sommeling Placed

Zwembeurs Amerika

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2015




Country: The Netherlands
Height:   6'0 ft
Weight:  150 lbs

Personal and academic information


Bart is a 16-year old boy who grew up together with his parents and younger brother and sister in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. Bart has a passion for endurance sports and besides swimming he is also very interested in cycling and running. He even competed at many (1/8) triatlons. He also used to play water polo at a high level but due to his busy swim schedule he couldnt combine it anymore.

Bart is currently a senior in high school and is expected to graduate in June 2014. He is scheduled to take both his SAT and TOEFL in the Fall of 2014

Athletic Information

Since the age of 6 years Bart started with swimming, first recreational and later on competitive  at Oceanus, a swimming association at Aalsmeer. Bart swam his first national championships in 2008 when he was 11 years old, one year after that he became national champion on the 400m freestyle in his age group. Since that time Bart made it every year to the national championships. During the national championships long course (June 2014) Bart won a bronze medal in the 400m IM. Bart once participated at an International Swimming Festival in Aachen, he swam the 1500m freestyle. 

Bart sees himself as a mid-long distance swimmer and at the beginning of this season he transferred to De Dolfijn swim team in Amsterdam. He made this choice in order to have the possibility to train more frequently and with even more specialized trainers.  

Bart’s personal records converted to yards can be found here:

50 yard freestyle: 0:22.66
100 yard freestyle: 0:48.90
200 yard freestyle: 1:46.78
500 yard freestyle: 4:46.67
1000 yard freestyle: 10:13.52

1650 yard freestyle: 17:35.03
100 yard medley: 0:56.60
200 yard medley: 2:00.86
200 yard freestyle: 1:51.48
400 yard Medley: 4:17.31
100 yard butterfly: 0:57.36
100 yard backstroke: 0:58.12
100 yard breaststroke: 1:08.36

All of his personal records can be found via:

Please note that these records are measured in meters and not in yards. In order to convert you can use this too

His goals are to reach as high as possible on the Dutch championships. Bart trains around nine and an half hour in the pool. Besides swimming he trains one hour in the gym and one hour dry training for core-stability. In the summer holiday Bart runs twice a week and he participates in open water swimming competitions.