Djuna Slort Placed

Hockeybeurs Amerika Djuna

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2018



April 2018

Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'7 ft
Weight: 139 lbs 

Personal and academic information


Djuna is an 18-year-old girl who lives together with her parents and little sister Louisa, in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. She also has two brothers who are studying in Delft and Groningen. She comes from a real field hockey family since all of her siblings and parents played at the biggest club of Holland: AH&BC (the Amsterdam Hockey & Bandy Club). 


Djuna is a very enthusiastic and happy girl. Besides playing field hockey Djuna loves boxing, dancing, athletics and tennis. She is very sociable and loves to hang out with her friends and teammates. She likes to organize trips and activities for school and hockey. 


Djuna is currently a senior in high school (HAVO level) at ‘Het Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam’ and will graduate in the following subjects: Dutch language, English language, mathematics, economics, biology, geography and history. She achieved a combined score of 1000 on her SAT and is scheduled to take her TOEFL in April of 2018.


Athletic information


Djuna started to play field hockey for hockey club AH&BC at the age of 6. During her junior career Djuna has always played for the highest junior team in her age group. The last two years she has played at the highest level in The Netherlands and she and her team became national champion (U-18) in 2016 and were runner up (U-18) in 2017. Now as a first year as senior Djuna decided to switch clubs and she is currently playing as a starter for the first women’s team of Xenios that plays in the first division in the Netherlands.


Djuna is a strong and consistent offensive defender, who can play every position in the defense. She plays both as a central back and as a right back and she enjoys to use her offensive skills. She has a strong tackle back, a good sense of positioning and is real team player. She is known for her great passing that often bring the forwards into striking position. In addition she has great footwork and she has great technical skills