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Bo hockeybeurs Amerika

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2018



Fall 2017
Fall 2017

Country: The Netherlands
Height:   5'5 ft
Weight:  121 lbs 

Personal and academic information: 

Iza Bo is born in Blaricum, The Netherlands, on the 9th of July 2000. Since she was 6 years old, she insisted to be called Bo and this small change says a lot about her personality: Bo fitted her life and attitude much better as in her eyes it felt stronger, less girly and more athletic. 

Bo lives with both parents Elbert and Gertrude and her younger sister Lola in Weesp. Their house is located on the riverside which allowed her to have an active outdoor childhood with lots of swimming and ice-skating. Her personality can be described as ambitious, goal-getter, focused, self-starter, optimistic, energetic, loyal, team-player, committed and modest. 

Both of her parents having international jobs and as a result she was introduced to traveling and many cultures around the world. This fueled her ambition to exploit opportunities abroad. 

Bo is currently in her senior year of high school at the highest level (pre-university education) and is expected to graduate in June 2018.  She is scheduled to take the ACT-test and TOEFL-test in October 2017. 

In addition to school and field hockey, Bo is curious to experience many different things. She played keys and electrical beats in a band, wrote and performed her own songs on piano, worked at Unicef The Hague and works at a restaurant.


Athletic information: 

Bo started to play field hockey at the local hockey club MHC Weesp at the age of 5. During her junior career Bo played an important role as central key player in the highest junior teams. At the age of 10, Bo was scouted for The Roelant Oltmans Hockey Academy as the first player from MHC Weesp. This gave her the opportunity to have an additional weekly training at Laren with other talents from the central Holland region. During this time she was approached by several well-known clubs. However, her sense of loyalty combined with her important role in her team made her stay. 

At the age of 14, Bo made her debut in the first women’s team of MHC Weesp and she has been playing there in addition to the highest junior team. This year the highest junior team is expected to qualify for Super A (2nd highest league). Playing for both the junior and first senior team results in a 5 to 6 day per week hockey schedule. In addition, Bo also participated in a summer hockey school in England in 2014. 

Bo is a creative forward oriented pivoting midfielder who is very technical. Her speed, endurance and intuitive understanding of the game and her quick-learning ability make her stand out. As a result of her leadership capabilities she was elected as captain of her team.

Word from her coach:

“As captain of A1, Bo in her own way organizes, inspires and motivates the team. Her creative and technical forward goal-oriented way of playing makes her a natural leader and organizer of the team. Her consistent ball procession is phenomenal. Most goals are initiated by Bo finding and creating the initial opening and giving the assist passes. Bo is always in motion, ready to pick up a ball, mostly heavily defended in her back, yet dynamically using her speed and technique to go around the defense, accelerate and move or pass into the free space on the field”