Aerin Kolfoort Placed

Hockey beurs Amerika Aerin

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2017




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'2 ft
Weight: 108 lbs 

Personal and academic information

Aerin Kolfoort grew up with her parents and older brother in a small town near the government city of The Hague, The Netherlands. She comes from a family where sports and athletics are at the very centre of the way she was raised. As the child of a 2nd dan Judoka and osteopath as mum and a marathon finisher and police officer as a father, Aerin has always been urged to try new sports and make the very best out of it. 

In addition to field hockey she did gymnastics and ski racing at a high level. Starting with gymnastic from a very young age she became a strong and flexible little girl. When she started ski racing she put these skills to use and with success: finishing 5th in her age group at the national championship was a reward for all her efforts. 

Aerin always has been a girl with a strong will and who is very creative. She graduated high school at The Hague Montessori Lyceum in June 2016. This school allowed her to explore her creative side as she took a special interest in the arts during freshman and sophomore years. She graduated with an Economics and Society profile and chose: Geography, Economics, French, English, Dutch, Maths, History and PE.

She has a wide range of interest but none as big as sports, field hockey in particular of course. Therefor she has decided that before coming to the US she would like to start as a freshman at the The Hague Academy for Physical Education (Haagse Acedemie voor Lichamelijke Opvoeding). During the selection process she passed with flying colors and ranked amongst the highest of applicants. Aerin acheived a score of 90 on the TOEFL test.

Athletic information 

Aerin started playing field hockey at the age of 8 at hockey club HDS and her skills immediately were recognized. Quickly her club decided to let her play for the highest team of her age group and she has been valid asset for the highest team all throughout her junior career. 

Aerin is a defender that can also play as a midfielder. She is known for her clean passing skills, her eye for detail and her all or nothing mentality. She is an intelligent player that can control and set up a play because of her insight in the game. In addition she is a devoted team player and she has been captain in most of her teams. Even though Aerin is not the tallest she is physically very strong and she likes to take on the tallest girls and the biggest challenges in the field. She already has experience in playing with the first women's team and since she is handling the game at a highly physical level, Aerinis asked to join the first women's team fulltime next season (1 year early as she is still a junior).

In June of this year she played a friendly match with her team against Middlebury College (NCAA div 3) and won 8-2.