Nina van Egmond Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2015




Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'7 ft
Weight: 132 lbs

Personal and academic information


Nina is a seventeen year old girl that lives with her family in Hattem, a little city in the middle of The Netherlands. Nina has three siblings: two brothers and one sister. Her family takes high value in spending time together and spending a lot of their spare time in doing all kind of sports. Nina has always been the sportive type, fanatic in every sport and always putting in all effort in her play. Hockey has always been her great passion, not just because she loves the dynamic play, but also because she likes being part of a team and spend time with her teammates

Nina is broadly interested and wants to excel in everything. Besides being ambitious, Nina is known as a friendly and relaxed girl with an open view to the world. She is loyal to the people around her and takes high value in being reliable. She likes to be around people, not only because she is a social person, but also because she is sincerely interested in others. 

Nina is currently a senior at the highest level of high school (Gymnasium) in The Netherlands and her subject cluster contains the beta subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry; and alpha subjects Latin, Spanish and Politics. Because of her interest in politics and her inherently social character, she is part of several school organizations in which she represents all the students of the school. Nina is respected for her social and enthusiastic way of handling things.  Moreover Nina joined the school orchestra for two years playing the violin, which is next to playing hockey and expressing her creativity on her list of hobbies.  

Nina really likes traveling, therefore she participated with great pleasure in several international exchange programs. She visited for example Romania and Poland. Last year she made a fantastic trip to the US, driving along the East Coast with her family in a RV. She was fond of the people’s spontaneity and welcoming attitude and felt really at ease in the US. For that reason Nina loves to go back to the US and would love to live, study and play hockey there. 

Nina is scheduled to take her TOEFL in the fall of 2014. Her dream is to combine here passion for hockey with obtaining a bachelor degree. 


Athletic information 

Nina started playing hockey at field hockey club Hattem when she was six years old. During her junior career she was always playing in the first team of a higher age category.  At the age of 14, she was already playing in the A1 (under 18) and when she was 15 she was also playing for the first women’s team. In order to keep developing her game and to play hockey at the highest national level Nina changed clubs and went to play hockey for the first team A1 in Zwolle. 

Nina sticks out as a real team player, works hard and is always stimulating her teammates in a positive way. In the field Nina is known for her good overview and strong passes/assists. Her technical skills are outstanding and as defensive midfielder she is multi-usable in the field. She has mostly played in the midfield as center or left-winger but also played as on the right side of defense. She is a very good defender, is hard to pass, never lets her direct opponent out of her sight and is the injector with the penalty corners. This in combination with her good overview and the fact that she always does her task makes her a reliable player. 

Skills in conclusion:  

  • Team player 
  • overview and good passes 
  • Hard worker 
  • Go getter; always aims to win 
  • Defensive skills 
  • Reliable, always doing her task
  • Penalty corner injector