Renske van Lent Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2011




State/Province: Noord-Holland
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: available upon request
Height: 5'9 ft
Weight: 140 lbs
Email: -
High School: Willem de Zwijgercollege

Personal Information

Renske is a 17-year-old sport-minded girl. In addition to playing golf at the highest level, when possible she also plays field hockey at a competitive level and has a strong interest in various other sports.  Renske has visited the US several times and loves the country’s sports mentality and culture and would like to combine golf and studies there starting in the fall of 2011. Renske has a younger brother who is an avid hockey player and her parents are both keen golf players. Her father also studied in the US when he was younger. Renske is a dedicated and eager to learn athlete with a strong ability to focus on the task at hand.

Athletic Information

Renske started to play golf at the age of eleven when a new golf course opened close to her home. She progressed quickly and was selected for the Dutch national selection at the age of thirteen. She was a member of the national selection for four years. Renske’s strong points are that she is a good ball striker with a solid swing and has a strong ability to remain calm under any circumstance.

Renske is a member of De Pan, 6-time Dutch national champion. This year, she was a member of the winning ladies team. In 2009, she represented De Pan in the European club championships in Germany. She always keeps a positive attitude no matter how her play develops, which is one of the qualities that makes her a strong support to her fellow teammates.

For the last few years, she was ranked top-3 in the Netherlands in her age group. Her most notable results are runner-up in 2008 in Dutch girls U-18 matchplay, runner-up in 2009 in Dutch Junior Masters including a round of 4-under par and a total score of +13 over 72 holes, fifth in 2009 in Vijf Banen with a score of + 19 over 90 holes, fourth in the girls u-16 2009 Faldo Series Grand Final in Rio de Janeiro, and fourth in the 2010 Dutch girls u-18 national championships with scores of +2 and +7.

Academic Information

Renske is performing well at school and showing above average grades. She belongs to the top 20% of her class with a GPA of 3.1.  She attends a 6-year “VWO” high school which is the highest level for high school in the Netherlands. The subjects are geared towards a study in the field of marketing and management. Her ability to plan well ahead and focus on her tasks allows her to combine school and golf at the highest level while simultaneously competing in field hockey and have time left to attend sports matches and spend time with her friends. Aside from her mother tongue Dutch, she speaks fluent English and has a good command of German and French.

Renske has completed her SAT and TOEFL exams in the fall of 2010. She is eligible to compete in NCAA and NAIA divisions.