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Available Fall 2012



Spring 2011
Spring 2011
Spring 2011
Spring 2011

State/Province: Gelderland
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: available upon request
Height: 5'9 ft
Weight: 150 lbs
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High School: Rijn Ijssel College

Personal Information

Herman Muhammad is a Dutch soccer player currently playing for club FC Presikhaaf. Introduced to soccer by his older brother, Herman began playing the sport at a young age and his skills and potential were quickly recognized in his community. Herman was born on November the 8th, 1990 in Zakho, Iraq as a fourth child in a family  of eleven. Despite being born in a critical time of war, his heart was always in soccer. In 1997, his family moved to the Netherlands and became Dutch citizens.

Athletic Information

Herman starting playing soccer at the age of 9 at his local soccer club, Eendracht. He wanted to join the club not only to be part of a team, but also because he knew that this was the best way to improve his ball handling and position play. His team at Eendracht that year became champion in their league. Four years later, at 13 years old, Herman changed clubs to play at IJsseloord, where his team won the club championship. After playing there for two seasons, he went on to play for AVW’66, where his team got promoted to play in a higher league. After 3 good seasons at AVW’66 he went to play for FC Presikhaaf, where he is currently competing.

Herman's favourite position on the field is winger. His strong points are his technical footwork, speed and his excellent ball control. He has a good understanding of the game and will coach his teammates when necesary.  Herman's team has participated in many tournaments and has won the 16-under Coca Cola tournament twice as well as the 16-under Cruijff tournament.

Academic Information

In addition to soccer, education is an important part of Herman's life. He strongly believes that education is the key to a bright future and beneficial in all aspects of his life. Herman plans to graduate from high school in June 2011 with a focus in Business Studies and Junior Account Manager. After high school graduation, he plans to attend college abroad in order to improve his skills both in business and soccer.

Herman is currently looking for a college that will provide the ideal combination of quality academics and athletics. He sees studying in a foreign country as a great challenge as well as an exceptional learning experience. He truly believes that you can achieve anything with passion as long as you really believe in yourself. Herman's goal in life is to succeed and manage his life in an honest way.

Herman will take the SAT test in May and TOEFL test in April of 2011. Upon completion of these exams, he will be eligible to compete in both NCAA and NAIA.