Luca van Rijn fall 2022

College voetbalbeurs Amerika Luca

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Available Fall 2022



Fall 2021
Fall 2021

Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'5 ft
Weight:  133 lbs

Personal and academic information


Luca van Rijn is a 17-year-old girl from Arnhem, The Netherlands. She is a dedicated, reliable, and hardworking person, whose dreams about becoming a professional soccer player. Luca understands that hard work and success go hand in hand and she does everything in her power to reach her goals.


Besides being a motivated soccer player, Luca also is a hardworking student who is in her senior year of high school (VWO level). Her favorite subjects are economics and BSM (be sports minded). She is planning on majoring in either physical therapy or marketing, both sports focussed. She is scheduled to take SAT in Fall of 2021.


Besides School and playing soccer, Luca also works at a lunch bar. She works here every Friday night. She loves to work in the kitchen, but also enjoys helping people at the front of the bar.


Luca believes that college soccer would be a great first step to come closer to her dream. 


Athletic Achievements


Luca has been playing soccer since the age of 5. For most of her soccer career, she has been playing in a women’s team in a boy competition. She has been playing in different positions throughout her career but her favorite position is midfield. If needed, she can also play as a defender.


Luca is a real leader and has been captain and co-captain for several years. She is an enthusiastic, social team player who isn’t afraid to take the lead or correct others on their mistakes. Luca is always busy trying to better herself, physically and mentally, and sets the bar very high for her and her team. If needed she isn’t scared to go out of her way to ask for help from others. 


Her biggest strengths are her sweeping passes, duels, and her perseverance. She is a big fan of Barcelona and loves the speed of the game and sees them as an example.