Alexander Rijsman Placed

College voetbalbeurs USA Alexander

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2020




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 165 lbs

Personal and academic information

Alexander was born in California and moved to the south of the Netherlands with his family at age 5. He is a very athletic guy and besides soccer he enjoys working out at the gym with friends.

Having a lot of close family still in the USA, Alexander spends most of his summers in the states visiting family and friends. He loves going to big sporting events and enjoys spending time at the lake, as well as hiking in the Appalachian mountains with his grandfather. 


Alexander is currently a junior in high school studying Economics and Society at a the highest level (Gymnasium) and is expected to graduate in June 2020 . In addition to a strong general curriculum, his major includes the study of six languages, including Latin and ancient Greek. He achieved a composite score of 1250 on his SAT. 


It is Alexander’s dream to combine his passion for soccer with his drive for academic success, a combination only possible in the United States. 


Athletic information:


After joining his local club, Zwaluw VFC, Alexander has been playing competitive soccer since he was 7 years old. During his junior career Alexander always played for the highest teams in his age group. In season 2017/2018 as a 15 year old, he had a very successful season in the first U-17 team where they managed to reach the semi-finals of the play-offs, a regional competition. Halfway through the season, Alexander was recruited by the first U-19 team and made his debut while only being 15 years old. At the end of the season, Alexander was voted Most Valuable Player of the season and made 29 appearances and 4 assists for both teams as a center-back.  This season, Alexander is named captain of the first U-19 team that competes in the Hoofdklasse. He is also part of the first men's team.


Alexander is a technically gifted center back who can play equally well with both his right and left foot. His talent also lies in his patience and calmness in possession of the ball. He is a natural leader on the field and his specialty is in his defensive plays. He is very coachable and motivated to improve his skills and learn from others.