Dirk Kuiper Placed

Voetbal beurs Amerika Dirk

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2018




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6'2 ft
Weight: 186 lbs

Personal and Academic Information


Dirk is a 17-year old midfielder from Westzaan, The Netherlands, a small town near Amsterdam. He is a very sociable person, highly motivated to succeed both academically and in sports. He is also very interested in American sports, culture and language. Besides soccer he loves watching and playing basketball, American football and tennis. Every winter he travels abroad to go snowboarding for several weeks.


Dirk is currently in his last year of high school (gymnasium, highest level of pre-university education in the Netherlands) holding a 4.0 GPA. Besides required subjects like Physical Education, Dutch, English, German and Ancient Latin language, he follows courses in Mathematics (highest level), Physics, Economics, Biology and Chemistry. In previous years Dirk followed courses in Greek, French, History and Geography. The subject of his high school graduation project is "Acceleration of falling objects and how to calculate it as accurately as possible" for which he received the Dutch equivalent of an A+ grade. He is expected to graduate in June 2018.


Dirk achieved a TOEFL score of 113 and a SAT score of 1370 (R;680 M;690) in March 2018. In the USA he would like to pursue a bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Physics or Engineering.


Athletic information


Dirk started playing soccer at the local club of Westzaan at the age of 6. He played for 3 years in teams with teammates that were 2 years older. He then transferred to the much larger club S.V Fortuna Wormerveer where he and his team qualified to play at the national level U13.


At the age of 15, Dirk was selected to play as a midfielder for the U17 team. Due to his outstanding performance he was recruited to for HVV Hollandia Hoorn, an elite club preparing players for a professional soccer career. At HVV Holandia Dirk played in the professional 1st National Division, and he and his team surprised the entire league with their play. They managed to become third in the league, ahead of professional clubs like Roda JC, Brabant United, Fortuna Sittard and Excelsior Rotterdam. This season, Dirk plays in the U19 team (2nd National Division) as a 17-year old.


Dirk is mainly a right or central midfielder who likes to control the pace of the game. He is known for his endurance, strong headers, perseverance and passing ability. When the situation requires he supports the offense resulting in many assists and occasionally scoring himself. Dirk is a real leader in the field, is never afraid of a duel and always works hard for the team.


According to his coaches and trainers he has excellent field vision and has a special defensive talent for intercepting the ball by closing passing lanes and precise timing. 


Since 2015 Dirk follows a special training program with the soccer talent academy TotaalVoetbal. In 2016 Dirk was also selected to play for one of the national soccer union's (KNVB) talent teams. In 2017 Dirk was selected to participate in tests for professional soccer club RKC Waalwijk. Instead of pursuing a career professionally in the Netherlands, Dirk opts to combine an academic and athletic career in the USA. Dirk never shies away from a challenge and will do anything to win.