Celine Schot placed

College voetbalbeurs Amerika Celine Schot

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2018




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'3 ft
Weight: 136 lbs

Personal and academic information

Celine is a 19-year-old girl living in Hellevoetsluis, a small town nearby Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. She is a very friendly, helpful, social person who is a real team player that knows what she wants.

Celine is a good student who graduated high school (HAVO level) in June 2015. She immediately enrolled into college and is in her junior year of college majoring Logistics Engineering at the Rotterdam Mainport Institute. Her dream is to come to the US for the fall of 2018 and complete a semester while playing college soccer.

Studying in the United States will be a life changing experience. Not only soccer is what makes the United States attractive for Celine. The country, the student life and the level of education are also important to Celine.

Athletic information

Celine started to play soccer in a boys team at the local club at the age of 6. Soon her skills and talent were recognized and at the age of eight Celine was invited by the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) for the regional team (U12). Because of her young age she couldn’t compete with them yet but she eventually did when she turned 10 years old.  With her district team U14 she became second on the national championship. Thereafter Celine was selected for the B-team of the national Dutch junior team U15.

After nine years playing soccer with boys, she decided to make the change to women soccer. At the age of 15 Celine plays for girls’ academy SteDoCo U16. Here she trained 4 times a week and played her games in a boys competition. After a year she was scouted by RVVH (best women soccer team in region Rotterdam) and she transferred to play in the first women’s team that competes in the second highest amateur level of the Netherlands.

Celine is not tall, but still physically strong. Her favorite position is offensive midfielder, but she can also be used as a defender or defensive midfielder. Celine is a real playmaker, with excellent passes she puts the striker one-on-one with the goalkeeper. She has a good understanding of the game and always wants to play forward. In addition, she has an excellent free kick, mentally strong and is always thinking in team interest.