Sim ten Holt Placed

Voetbal beurs Amerika Sim

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2018



Spring 2017
Spring 2017

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6'7 ft
Weight: 190 lbs

Personal and academic information


Sim is a 17 year old guy from Starnmeer, The Netherlands,  a small town near Amsterdam. He can be described a hard working, social and  perfectionistic individual who has always been passionate about the USA. It would be a dream for him to play college soccer.


Sim is currently in his senior year of high school (HAVO level) and is expected to graduate in June 2018. His favorite subjects are mathematics, geography, PE and English. Sim is scheduled to take the SAT in March and the TOEFL test in January of 2018.


Athletic information


Sim started playing soccer at his local club SV Graftdijk and during his junior career he always played in the highest teams. At the age of 15, he transferred to a bigger club SVA Assendelft in order to play at a higher level. 


Sim is a tall 6’7 ft left footed striker who has a good overview of the game. His biggest strengths are his shooting (from inside and outside the box) and with his physique and his length he is very dangerous in the penalty area and he barely loses a header. He is strong at the ball and in addition to scoring easily he also provides a lot of assists.