Lisa Verhoeven placed

College voetbal beurs Amerika Lisa

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2019



Spring 2018

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'6 ft
Weight: 121 lbs

Personal and academic information


Lisa Verhoeven is a 16 year old girl from the Netherlands. She is ambitious, a go-getter and wants to achieve the highest level possible in soccer and study. 


Lisa is a very good student and currently in her junior year at the highest level in the Netherlands (TTO-gymnasium) holding a 3.6 GPA. TTO stands for bilingual, so she studies partly in English and after graduation she will have a few certificates, including CAE and IB. Her interests lay in the subjects: mathematics, chemistry, physics and economics. In addition she is studying Greek and Latin. Lisa achieved a composite score of 25 on the ACT and is scheduled for the TOEFL test in the spring of 2018. Lisa already has her Cambridge English certificate level C1


In the Netherlands it is almost impossible to combine soccer and university both on the highest level. That is why she wants to complete her degree in America while playing soccer at the highest level.


Athletic information


Lisa has been playing soccer since she was 9 years old. During her junior career she has always played for the highest boys teams at her club (SC Jekerdal). From age 11 she was selected for the regional girls team (KNVB) and she combined the training sessions with her club and the ones with the KNVB. The last 2 years Lisa has been part of the Dutch national team (U-15 and U-16).


In summer of 2016 Lisa transferred to Standard de Liège, in Belgium. She started in the U16 team but after four months and after scoring 15 goals they decided to promote her to the second women’s team that competes in the first national division (the second highest level of women’s soccer, in Belgium). This year she is promoted to play for the highest women’s team that plays in the Super League (highest Belgian women’s league) and has played most of the games so far. She has also made her debute in the Champions League in August 2017.


Lisa has always played at a lot of different positions. In the national team for example she plays in defense and for her club in Liège she is a striker. Her strong points are her footwork, speed and excellent ball control. She has a good understanding of the game and a great work ethic


She is known to always pushing herself to the limits athletically but also academically.