Floris de Koning Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2015



January 2014
December 2014

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6'4 ft
Weight: 181 lbs

Personal and Academic Information


Floris is a 17-year old guy that grew up in Abcoude, The Netherlands. Floris loves all sorts of sports, loves to compete, and is a very hard worker. Besides playing soccer, he is a certified sailing instructor, and teaches at a sailing school during his summer vacation.


Floris is now in his senior year of high school in the Netherlands (taking college entrance level exams, in national top 5% academically) and is expected to graduate in June 2015. He is scheduled to take his ACT test in December 2014 and the TOEFL in January 2015. 


Athletic Information 


Floris is an ambitious 17-year-old soccer player from the Netherlands. He has played soccer competitively since the age of 5 and started his soccer career at a local club called ‘FC Abcoude’ near Amsterdam. Growing up less than a mile from the Amsterdam Arena, he always dreamed of playing for ‘FC Ajax’ Amsterdam. In his Amsterdam period, he played as a midfielder at the highest junior level.


In 2012, he moved with his parents to Groningen and started at his new club ‘Be Quick 1887’ (one of the best amateur soccer clubs in the northern Netherlands) in the highest junior team (U-14). Here he switched position to become a very successful striker. His new coach positioned him as a center striker instead of a midfielder and ever since he has scored a very high number of goals (averaging 1-2 goals per game) and provided many assists. 


Floris is very skillful with the ball and has good technique. Moreover, he has the right physique to be successful in the penalty area; with his height (6’4 ft) he easily scores headers as well as being able to get the ball past his opponents. In addition Floris is a real team player, works hard and is willing to sacrifice himself for his teammates.