Niekie Pellens Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2012




Fall 2011

State/Province: Noord Holland
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: available upon request
Height: 5'5 ft
Weight: 122 lbs

Personal Information

Niekie is a 16-year-old girl who has desired to be a professional soccer player ever since she was 6 years old. She can be best described as an honest, target-driven team player with a helicopter view of the field. Niekie is a real go-getter who always works hard to reach the highest possible level.

Athletic Information

Niekie started at the age of 6 at NVC-Naarden, her hometown, where she was the only girl in a boys’ team. After five years, she changed soccer clubs to go to BFC in Bussum. To this day, Niekie has been playing as a defender at the highest level in a boys team (season 2011-2012: B1 Hoofdklasse).
Niekie was scouted by the KNVB (Dutch soccer association) when she was 11, and she was soon after selected to play with the KNVB inter-regional team girls U12 yrs, KNVB Interregional team girls U13 yrs, KNVB Interregional and district team girls U14 yrs and KNVB District team girls U15 yrs. In 2011, Niekie was selected to play for the KNVB National team girls U16 yrs.

At 15, Niekie was selected for full time residency as a member of the KNVB Talent Team, a program sponsored by the CTO Amsterdam and the NOC/NSF (National Olympic Committee /National Sport Federation).
Top Sport and Education Centre (CTO) Amsterdam offers a unique opportunity for talented athletes to combine full time training, studying and living in Amsterdam. Professional equipment and minimal travel time for the athlete are key elements. They accommodate training, educational facilities, housing and facilitate medical care, physical training and mental guidance within cycling distance for over 150 athletes of different sports.
The focus is on the best talents aged 16 to 19 years who do not play in a professional football organization. The goal of the KNVB Dutch women's Talent Team is to develop these talents into players that can play in the highest Dutch league (Eredivisie). Here they can develop themselves further with the ultimate goal to have them play for the national team!

Academic Information

Niekie started primary school at Montessori in Bussum and later attended high school at WP Kees Boeke in Bilthoven. When she was invited to play with the KNVB Talent Team in 2010, Niekie changed high school to go to Caland Lyceum Amsterdam, where she expects to graduate in May 2012. At the Caland Lyceum, Niekie is able to combine her top sport and school career as a result of her “LOOT” status. Niekie’s biggest dream is to play soccer in the United States at a professional level in combination with a study program in physiotherapy.

Niekie will be taking the SAT and TOEFL in October and November 2011. Upon completion of these exams, she will be eligible to compete in both NCAA and NAIA.