Jaap Mutsaers Placed

Basketbal beurs Amerika

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2016






Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6'11 ft
Weight: 225 lbs

Personal and Academic Information


Jaap is a eighteen-year-old (1998) boy who grew up in Mierlo, The Netherlands with his parents and older sister and brother who is currently working in the US after a four year study at college. He is known as a pleasant, social, innovatory and funny guy with a broad interest in physics, geography, history and engineering.


Jaap is currently a senior in high school at MBO level (Middle level vocational education). His major is web design. 


Athletic Information


After playing judo and soccer Jaap started playing basketball at the age of 8 at a local basketball club and soon his height, strength and talents were recognized by the RTC (Regional Talent Centre) of Eindhoven. After one season Jaap was selected by the first Basketball Academy in The Netherlands in the city of Weert.


After 4 very successful years in Weert Jaap moved to the Basketball Academy Zwolle where he plays center in the U18 team, U20 and U24 team. He is practicing twice a day with the players of the Landstede’s Dutch Talent League Team (Highest Division U24-league). This season he already reached the Final Four with the U24-team to be played in May 2016, won the National Cup First Division U20, and is heading towards the Final Four with his U18-team.


Since 2012 Jaap plays in the highest junior division in The Netherlands. In addition Jaap has also been member of the Dutch National Team U14, U15 and U16. In 2014 he played with the Dutch National Team U16 at the European Championship in Strumica, Macedonia. So far he has 51 caps in The National Dutch team.


To get familiar with the American style of basketball, Jaap decided not to play for the national team past summer. In stead he played with the Wolfpack team from Antwerp (Belgium) in two NCAA tournaments, the Chicago summer jam 2015 (Baylor basketball, July 10-12) and the NY2LA tournament (Milwaukee, July 15-18).


This season Jaap also plays for the Dutch National Team U18 3x3. This team is ranked number 1 on the FIBA list for the World Championship in Kazakhstan, June 2016.


Jaap is a tall (6'11 ft) strong (225 lbs) guy who is expected to reach a length of 7'1 ft. He is a reliable team player that plays on the position 5 in offense and defense. He is very skillful with the ball and has a good left and right handed technique. Moreover, he has the right physique to be successful in the bucket area; with his height and strength he easily scores and grabs rebounds as well to give his teammates picks and assists. In addition Jaap is a real team player, works hard and is willing to sacrifice himself for his team and his coach. He is always looking for ways to improve himself and makes every team better.


His best results of the last few years 

  • Winner Dutch National Cup U-20 First Division, March 2016
  • National Championship U-18 First Division, May 2015
  • Winner Dutch National Cup U-18 First Division, March 2015
  • Final Four European Youth Basketball League U-17, May 2015
  • 11th place European Championship U16 Strumica Macedonia, August 2014
  • National Championship U-16 First Division, May 2013  
  • Final Four First Division in 2012 - 2013 and 2014 First Division 
  • Championship South Netherlands U-14,Second Division, May 2012 
  • Regional Championship Province of Brabant U-14 Second Division, May 2012
  • Regional Championships Province of Limburg U14. Second Division, May 2011