Mathilde Terleth Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:





Fall 2015

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'8 ft
Weight: 128 lbs
High School: Staring College

Personal and Academic Information

Mathilde is a 16 year old girl who grew up together with her parents and younger brother in Borculo, the Netherlands. Besides Track, Mathilde has been active in many other sports like judo, tennis, soccer, volleyball, skiing and figure-skating.

She is currently in her senior year of high school at the highest level of education in the Netherlands  (3.7 GPA) and is expected to graduate in June of 2015. She acheived a combined score (CR + M) of 1030 on her SAT and is scheduled to take her TOEFL test in the fall of 2014.

Athletic information

Mathilde started competing in track and field at the age of 12 and immediately her talents were recognized. The last three years she has been selected by the national Track association (KNAU) for the 400 m Hurdles team. Last season, she was also selected for the long jump.

Mathilde currently practices 4 times week at her club, with her coach Ennie Nijhuis (who used to be the coach of Eelco Sintnicolaas), and once a week with the national selection.

Mathilde’s specialties are the heptathlon and the 400 meters hurdles. So far she has competed in 3 heptathlons and she improved herself strongly each time. In all of her 400m Hurdles races she has achieved a top 3 position. In her last race at the national championships she finished in second place. This summer at the Vienna FISEC games she also improved her long jump personal best to 5,34 m.

Mathilde’s Personal Records are:

    •    Heptathlon: 4014 points
    •    Long jump: 5,34m
    •    100 m Hurdles: 15,53 seconds
    •    200 m: 26,49 seconds
    •    High jump: 1,50m
    •    Shot put 4 kg: 9,44 m
    •    Javelin 0.5 kg: 29,66 m
    •    600 m: 01:44:10
    •    300m Hurdles: 00:46:76
    •    400m Hurdles: 01:03:95

Best achievements 2014:

    •   2nd place at national championships, 400m Hurdles with a PR of 1:03:95
    •   Personal best long jump 5,34 m at FISEC games (Vienna)

Best achievements 2013:

    •    3rd place at national championships, 400m Hurdles (first in her age group)
    •    3rd place 300m/400m Hurdles Special
    •    2nd place 400m Hurdles Battle of the B’s in Amsterdam

Best achievements 2012:

    •    9th place at the national championships heptathlon
    •    3rd place at national C-games 300m Hurdles
    •    3rd place heptathlon district championships
    •    1st place 300m Hurdles district championships
    •    2nd place 4x80m at the national championships
    •    2nd place heptathlon district championships (2011)