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Date of birth:
Year of grad:





March 2012

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6'2 ft
Weight: 141 lbs
High School: Chr. College Groevenbeek

Personal and Academic Information

Tom is a 17 years old long distance runner from Zeewolde, the Netherlands. He has been involved in sports ever since he was 8 years old, playing basketball and soccer. At the age of 15, Tom came in contact with an old friend who was involved in track and field. Soon after his first workouts with him he signed up for a 5k competition in which he ran a very good time. From that moment on he has been passionate about running and he has been improving tremendously.

Tom will obtain his high school diploma (HAVO) in the spring of 2012. He will be taking the SAT and TOEFL in December of 2011. Upon completion of these exams, he will be eligible to compete in both NCAA and NAIA.

Athletic Information

Tom has been focusing on running for nearly 2 years now. He soon was discovered as a new young talent making huge progress in a short time under the guidance of his coach Henk Mentink. Tom is running for  ’club Running 2000’’  where he is a member of the talent team.

Tom practices around 10 times a week. His scheduled training consists of running (6/7 times) and strength (core stability) and in the summer he also adds swimming to the program.

In his short career as a runner he has impressed at many regional and national events, always finishing in the top 20. This year Tom will make his first appearances at international events. Tom has a lot of perseverance and discipline for the sport and still a lot of room for improvement.

Personal Records of Tom:


1500 m: 4:27 min
3k: 9:49 min
5k: 17:07 min


5k: 17:03 min
10k: 36;18 min


4400m: 16:13 min
6200m: 21:19 min
8000m: 26:25 min

His most notable results are:

  • First place Running2000 Mixed team Eemmeerloop- May 2011
  • First place Wintercross Zeewolde 4.4km- January 2010  
  • First place Mini-marathon Zeewolde 4.2km. May 2010    
  • First place (2e) Wintercoss Zeewolde 4.4km- February 2011            
  • Second place Harderrun Harderwijk 5km- September 2011
  • Second place Loko-Run IT 5km- February 2011
  • Second place Wolderwijdloop 5km- September 2010
  • Second place Heideloop 5km- September 2011
  • Third place Flevo-on-ice Run 5km- October 2010
  • Third place Zandenplasloop 5km- November 2010
  • 5th place Track and Field competition Amersfoort 5 distances- Spring 2011
  • 8th place on National cross championship GOK The Netherlands A-B Juniors- January 2010
  • School record on the 3.3 kilometers in 9.55 minutes ( 2500  students on his highschool)