Tété Bartelds placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2012



N/A transfer student
N/A transfer student
N/A transfer student

State/Province: Zuid-Holland
Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'6ft
Weight: 141lbs
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High School: Wolfert Dalton Hillegersberg

Personal Information

Ever since Tété started playing basketball at the age of 8, she has been a very motivated and committed team player. She is a hard worker both in basketball and school. People see her as a friendly and open person, but when she steps on the court she is strong and unstoppable.

Athletic Information

Téte plays with her club team in the first division in The Netherlands. She practices twice a week and plays an official game almost every week.  Next to that, she also regularly practices one on one to improve her fundamentals and plays “street” basketball at a gym with mostly men. In total, she plays basketball 4 to 5 times a week.

Her shot is developed, she has a good sense of the court and knows when to go coast to coast and push herself in defense. Tété is motivated, hard working, and her defense, physical endurance and great court awereness are some of her strong points. Her statistics of last year were:

PPG (points percentage) of 35
RPG (rebounds percentage) of 4.1
APG (assist percentage) of 5.9
SPG (steals percentage) of 4.2
BPG (blocks percentage) of 1.3
FT% (free throws percentage) 90%
3PT%(3-point percentage) 60%

Academic Information

Tété received her high school diploma (HAVO) in July 2009. In 2010, she worked fulltime in order to pay for her first year at the college where she is currently studying social work (Sociaal Pedagogische Hulverlening). She has enrolled in a university in Holland for her sophmore year and wishes to transfer to an American school for the remaining 2 years of her eligibility. Tété succesfully completed her TOEFL (score 91) and will eligible to compete at any collegiate level.