Yannick Schmuki Fall 2021

Waterpolo stipendium USA Yannick

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Available Fall 2021



Fall 2019
Fall 2020

Country: Switzerland 
Height: 6'2 ft
Weight: 177 lbs

Personal and academic information

Yannick is a 21-year-old man who was born and raised in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. 

Yannick is a dedicated, talented and intelligent guy that wants to improve all the time. Besides playing waterpolo, Yannick is also a good student that finished high school at the highest level in Switzerland in Schaffhausen in summer 2017. He immediately enrolled into the university of Zurich where he will go in his senior year of his law degree in August 2020. He is expected to graduate in the summer of 2021 and would like to pursue a master’s degree in the USA.

Yannick is passionate about waterpolo and therefore he would like to combine his passion with studying in the USA. He will have 1 more year of eligibility left.

Athletic information

Yannick started playing waterpolo at the age of 8 and has been extremely passionate about it ever since. During his junior career, Yannick represented the Swiss national team under 15, under 17 and under 19.

With the national team under 17, he played the qualification for the European games of 2015 in Malta, finishing in fourth place. In 2016, he played the qualification for the European games under 19 in Azerbaijan, finishing in fourth place again. In 2018 then, Yannick played the qualification for the European games under 19 in Slovenia, finishing fourth again with tight results.

In 2016, Yannick made the step up to the men’s national team of Switzerland, being now the starting goalkeeper of the team since the beginning of 2018. In this function, he played the qualification for the European games 2018, facing France in the third round. In September 2019 Yannick played a couple of friendly games against Portugal to prepare for the European qualifications a month later against Germany and Georgia.

In his club career, Yannick played for his home team Schaffhausen until 2018. He was appointed first goalkeeper in Schaffhausen in 2016, being 17 years of age. Schaffhausen plays in the first league in Switzerland and finished fourth when Yannick was in goal.

In 2018-19, Yannick transferred to Lugano Pallanuoto, the most successful club in Switzerland for the past few years. There he played with four ex Italian national team players of which two had won the World cup. The team finished the season in second place. This season Yannick transferred back to Schaffhausen and he and his team were in 3rd place when the season was cut short due to the Covid Situation.

Yannick is coached by former Olympic champion Tibor Cservenyak.

Tournament schedule for the next few months:

  • September 2020: International friendly in Singapure with the men's national team.
  • December 2020: European nations tournament