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Koen Blom (LH Pitcher) Placed

Honkbal beurs Amerika Koen Blom

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available fall 2016




Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 173 lbs

Personal and academic information


Koen is a 17-year-old guy who is born in Wauconda, IL and lived with his Dutch parents in the United States until the age of 7. In 2004 he and his family moved back to The Netherlands where Koen went to high school at the Saint Joris College, which supports high-performance athletes. 

His junior year Koen received the international Talent status, issued by the National Olympic Committee, what allowed him into the school section with high-performance athletes only. Despite the intense training program and long daily commute he successfully completed his HAVO high school degree (Higher General Secondary Education) without any delay in June 2015.

Due to the high workload at the Academy, the national team, and school Koen has learned how to be organized and to be a focused student and player.  


Athletic information


At the age of 4 Koen started to play baseball at the Wauconda park district for 3 seasons before moving the Netherlands. He then played at a local club for 5 seasons before Koen was scouted by the Bixie Baseball Academy in 2010. 

The Bixie Baseball Academy is 1 out of 6 MLB-founded academies that recruits and develops talented players in the age of 12-18 years. The mission of the academies is to train and grow players with the aim to reach an American college or MLB club. From that moment on Koen started practicing 7 times a week with 2 games on Saturdays. In addition to developing baseball techniques the academy also educates about nutrition, recovery and the mental aspects of being a high performance athlete. 

After 4 years with Bixie, Koen outgrew the academy and played for the highest men’s team of the Oosterhout Twins that plays at the 2nd highest senior level in The Netherlands.

During his junior career Koen has has competed at the highest level both nationally as well as internationally. He has been a member of the Dutch national teams since he was 14 years old. He and his team became champion at the U16 European championship in Jablonec, Czech Republic in 2012 and became runner up at the U18 European championship in Ostrava, Czech Republic in 2015. In addition to this Koen was also selected for all 3 MLB scouting tournaments in Europe in 2015. 

This year Koen moved to Amsterdam in order to practice and play at a higher level. Koen is going to play the 2016 season in the Rookie league team of Hoofddorp Pioniers. He has the possibility to move up to the Hoofdklasse, the highest level men’s league in the Netherlands. 

Koen is 6’0” ft, 173 lbs, reliable left-handed pitcher that has a very consistent throw.  He is a very successful pitcher due to his off-speed pitches and the movement on his pitches. Koen has a great attitude during practice and games, mentally very strong, very coachable and is always looking for ways to improve himself. He fits everywhere in the bullpen or rotation, from starting pitcher to reliever or closer. 


Results of the last few years:

  • Selected for MLB Fall Tournament in Regensburg (Germany) 2015
  • Selected for MLB Elite Camp in Hoofddorp (Netherlands) 2015
  • 2nd place European championship U18 with Dutch national team in 2015
  • Selected for MLB Spring Tournament in Barcelona (Spain) 2015
  • 1st place in the ‘overgangsklasse’ and promoted to ‘hoofdklasse’ with Twins Oosterhout in 2015 (senior league)
  • Nominated for Rookie of the year in 2015


Statistics Oosterhout Twins season 2015:

  • Games played: 17
  • Innings Pitched in Relief: 21.1
  • 2 Wins – 0 Losses – 0 Saves
  • 3.375 ERA
  • 1.406 WHIP
  • 20 Hits – 10 Walks – 13 Strike outs
  • 14 runs – 8 earned runs


Velocity pitches:

  • Fastball: 80 – 83 mph
  • Change-up: 68 – 72 mph
  • Curveball: 65 - 68 mph
  •  Slider: 68 – 71 mph