Paulien Koenen Fall 2019

College zwembeurs Amerika Paulien

Date of birth:
Year of grad:


Available Fall 2019




Country: Netherlands
Height:  5'11 ft
Weight:  145 lbs

Personal and academic information


Paulien is a 21-year-old girl who is born and raised in the Netherlands. In the care of a single handicapped mom and her grandparents, she managed to get independent quite easily. Next to swimming her hobbies are listening to music, playing board games with friends and visiting amusement parks. Currently, she is living in Eindhoven, studying at Fontys University of Applied Science and working in the same branch.


Paulien graduated high school in June 2015 and decided to take a gap year. In August 2016, she enrolled into college majoring Small Business & Retail management at Fontys University of Applied Science in Eindhoven and successfully completed her freshman year and 90% of her Sophomore year towards a degree in small business and retail management. Due to family circumstances she took a year of but is now ready to finish her degree in fall 2019.


In order to finance her studies she started working at the biggest department store in the Netherlands as a sales expert and later on as a manager of the festive season. In addition, she is working on social media and purchasing for a swim shop in Eindhoven.

College swimming in the USA is along lasting dream of Paulien and therefor she is looking forward to continue her education in the fall of 2019.


Athletic information


Paulien started swimming at age 10. During her junior career she received multiple state medals and even a record but due to an injury she had to quit swimming for a few years. After fully recovery and missing going into the water she restarted her swimming career again at the age of 16. 


When she started at the university she found out that at her current team she cant practice the number of hours she wants to and that limits her in her potential. She currently has a lot of room for improvement in her condition and strength.


Paulien is an all round swimmer who manages all strokes and distances. She is very disciplined and is very receptive to coaching.


Her best personal records converted to yards are:

  • 50 yard breast:                        0:34.09
  • 100 yard breast:                      1:15.77
  • 200 yard breast:                      2:44.41
  • 50 yard freestyle:                    0:26:37
  • 100 yard freestyle:                  0:57:67
  • 200 yard freestyle:                  2:09.61
  • 50 yard back:                           0:29:77
  • 100 yard back:                         1:04.77
  • 200 yard backstroke:               2:22.86
  • 200 yard IM:                            2:26.51

For all personal records and progress, please view the following link:

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