Wij willen Made Scholarship aan iedereen aanbevelen die voor zo'n prachtig, sportief avontuur gaat in de USA. Vanaf het eerste moment was er goed contact en werden wij door Dennis perfect geholpen met alle vragen die wij hadden, de vele formulieren die je moet invullen en zeker ook in de lastige keuze om wel/niet te gaan tijdens deze Corona crisis. Altijd een eerlijk en oprecht advies. Wij zijn heel blij dat wij voor Made Scholarship hebben gekozen en onze zoon nu voetbalt en studeert op Middle Georgia State University.
Date of Posting: 14 janvier 2021
Posted By: Minoek van Trigt
I was very late in the recruiting process because I was with another agency first. I came in contact with MADE in December and Dennis has found amazing schools for me. He stayed in contact with the coaches and was always transparent about communication.
Date of Posting: 03 septembre 2020
Posted By: Carmel van Dijk
We would definitely recommend Made Scholarships! Without your help we even doubt if we would have managed to get our sons placed. It was very helpful to have your assistance during the recruitment stage.
Date of Posting: 03 février 2019
Posted By: Hanneke Hehenkamp
I will recommend made scholarship to everyone. They are not just a service, they are really personal and searching for schools what is fitting for you. The conversations with them are not only going about the school and everything but they are also interested in how you are and who you are. If you have problem, they always quickly respond!
Date of Posting: 19 janvier 2019
Posted By: Tim Loohuis
Fast, clear information and satisfied result... Great work!
Date of Posting: 14 octobre 2018
Posted By: M. van den Berg
Dennis was always so positive and happy, that really helped me. He was also very clear in his mails, not too long not too short.
Date of Posting: 14 août 2018
Posted By: Djuna Slort
I would definitely recommend MADE scholarships for everyone who is a bit unknown in this process.
They help you with every step on the way and every question you have.

Dennis den Boer always reacted very quick and helped me a lot with every question I had
Date of Posting: 03 août 2018
Posted By: Inka Zeilstra
I liked the fact that Dennis was present throughout the whole process. Since the minute we started working together we kept in touch. He made sure dat I was updated about the process every few weeks.

Most of the time I got a reply from Dennis within a day, often within an hour, which was very helpful for the process.
Date of Posting: 03 août 2018
Posted By: Martijn Meijlink
De Bilt
I would 100% recommend MADE Scholarships, they give everything they have to get you placed, and won't stop until you are placed.
Date of Posting: 01 août 2018
Posted By: Patrick Shelepov
De Lutte
Always available to answer any questions. Supporting when requested; taking control when required. Very good resource to have as backup in taking the journey into US paperwork for the first time!

Having the SPOC (single point of contact) really works in building trust and ability to work and act quickly.
Date of Posting: 22 septembre 2017
Posted By: Frank van Heijningen
When you start the college recruitment process, you have your own goals, expectations, questions, etc.

Since we didn't know where to begin we contacted various organizations including MADE Scholarships. There was a very good contact with MADE Scholarships, the communication about the expectations, the goals, the information and results were clearly. We felt that MADE Scholarships really listened to our needs and were confident that they would try to find the best solution for our son.

We were very pleased with the intensive contact, they searched, gave us many different options, kept searching, and finally found a university that met all of our expectations.

It was a pleasure to work with Dennis: a good contact who you could ask everything, he answered very quickly, is friendly and polite and has a very good knowledge about studying in the USA.

I highly recommend their services!
Date of Posting: 20 septembre 2017
Posted By: Koen Dierynck
Always helpful, and I could always ask questions whenever I wanted.

Thanks to MADE Scholarships I can start my adventure at a university in North Carolina!
Date of Posting: 05 septembre 2017
Posted By: Stan Martherus
We were very impressed with the experience and affinity with the sport, They definitely know what they are talking about. They are very flexible and not bound to the normal working hours.

Eventually our son found a great university with a tennis scholarship well within our budget.
Date of Posting: 25 août 2017
Posted By: Frank Bakker
Wij hebben het contact met Dennis als zeer prettig ervaren en heel nuttig bij alle stappen die genomen moeten worden om toegelaten te worden tot een universiteit in Amerika. Zonder Dennis was het niet gelukt.

In ons geval waren er wat onverwachte tegenslagen, maar dankzij het alerte ingrijpen van Dennis is alles toch goed afgelopen. Wat wij heel prettig vonden was de snelheid van reageren, duidelijkheid over de te nemen stappen, geduld met antwoorden op vragen die als eens beantwoord waren maar die we niet begrepen hadden. Zodra er bericht kwam van een universiteit reageerde Dennis direct, zelfs in het weekend. Heel fijn omdat je als student snel moet reageren en hier vaak nog vragen over hebt.
Date of Posting: 20 août 2017
Posted By: Laurie Kolfoort
Made Scholarships, and in particular Dennis, did what they promised they would do (and beyond), we highly recommend using their services. His professional help, connections and experience enabled our daughter Lotte to choose between several offers from excellent universities and a spot on their field hockey team playing at the highest level.

Date of Posting: 19 août 2017
Posted By: Jochem de Koning
Dennis was very helpfull, Always quick with answers, pro active and also speaking in Dutch was good for us. We are sastified with the offered soccer scholarship and the chosen school in Florida
Date of Posting: 19 août 2017
Posted By: Berry Berenschot
Thank you so much Dennis! You have been a great support to us and to Anne Marijn throughout the complete process. We loved the easy and open communication and it is clear you are very knowledgable.
Date of Posting: 13 août 2017
Posted By: Bart Bruijn
Thanks Dennis for helping us in this complicated process. You set the right expectations for us and eventually found a great university. We liked that you were always available for questions and always responded quickly, even in the weekends.
Date of Posting: 02 août 2017
Posted By: Nico Koomen
Expectations beforehand were clearly set. During the process there was good follow up we liked the sincere personal interest very much. They are very knowledgable and we received great advise in order to stay eligible. MADE Scholarships arranged that our daughter could visit some of her options and that was all paid for by the universities.

We really feel that we have chosen the right university!
Date of Posting: 29 juillet 2017
Posted By: Kim Palmen
Tuddern Selfkant
MADE scholarships gave me the opportunity to get into a university I'd never dared to dream of!
Date of Posting: 26 juillet 2017
Posted By: Alinda Dersjant
As parents we have felt very comfortable with your services from day one. The intro call was very open and honest. The deal structure and contracts are transparent and fair. The service was outstanding, both in process, content and personal coaching of Doris.

The overall process was more impactful than foreseen, especially in combination with the final exams at school, but you have been able to guide us through it in a very professional and pleasant way.

You did not over-promise, but you have over-delivered in our opinion.
Date of Posting: 18 juillet 2016
Posted By: Edo Offerhaus
Over de samenwerking met MADE Scholarships kan ik heel duidelijk zijn: Een absolute aanrader voor iedere student die de overstap naar de USA wil maken voor de combinatie van topsport en studie. Verwachtingen vooraf, de begeleiding tijdens het lange proces tot en met laatst zorg rondom visum, bagage, tips, do's en dont's voor de laatste voorbereidingen en de eerste maanden in de USA. All included met een A plus score.

En als er dan eens iets tegenzit in het proces werd de hulpvraag snel en deskundig opgepikt en werd het probleem, hoe moeilijk ook, opgelost!

En misschien nog wel het mooiste ervaringen met MADE Scholarships waren de oprechte en altijd op tijd zijnde "veel succes apps" voorafgaand van de TOEFL, GED en SAT testen.
Date of Posting: 14 juillet 2016
Posted By: Edward Mutsaers
Thanks to MADE Scholarships, our daughter could make her dream come true to be a student in the US and to be the sports team, combined with a scholarship
Date of Posting: 10 septembre 2015
Posted By: Phillip Mueller
My cooperation with Madescholarships was better than expected. The process was endless long and I’m more than happy that I chose Madescholarships who helped me through those stressful months. Alone I wouldn’t have been able to do this.

Dennis den Boer was always available, answered quickly, was able to answer ALL of my questions and is a great personality which made the communication a lot easier. What I also like is that Madescholarships is helping you trough your college career which isn’t naturally. I would choose Madescholarships again.
Date of Posting: 29 août 2015
Posted By: Jannis Walter
Walldorf, Germany
Dennis was so helpful throughout the entire process - always supportive and also explaining steps several times with a lot of patience. He was always available, had an uncomplicated way of communicating, provided me with fast answers, was always friendly even when sending information more than one time. We would have never made it without him! Thanks for being like this.
Date of Posting: 29 août 2015
Posted By: Tatjana Walter
Walldorf, Germany
I really liked the fact that you were not trying to sell something and just do business. Of course you have to make money but it seemed to me that it was secondary to you. What you cared most about was to have me placed and I liked that. You took time for me, took time to know me, what would suite me the best in order to offer me the best options possible.

If you ever dreamed of studying in the USA without letting go on your favorite sport ? MADE Scholarships is the place to go! Dedicated people who will help find what is best for you!
Date of Posting: 27 août 2015
Posted By: Benoît Bourban
Haute-Nendaz, Valais, Switzerland
I really enjoyed working with Dennis. I know that my case was not the easiest one to take and handle, but I did not experience any kind of difficulties coming from Dennis. Even though a lot of school were having problems with my situation, Dennis always tried to make the best out of it and explain the schools the situation. Also, he always had his own professional opinion as well when it came down to choosing schools and what I should say when skyping with coaches and I appreciated that a lot.
Date of Posting: 22 août 2015
Posted By: Sayna Azad
When our daughter was looking into her future studies she suddenly told us that she really wanted to combine tennis and studies. Going to an HBO study and practice tennis afterwards every now and then, was not what she was looking forward to. I told her that if she found something to study abroad, we would be open to discuss. Within two days she found MADE and the stories we read were such that we contacted them. Before we knew it, we were in a Skype call and became extremely enthusiastic.

MADE found our daughter a great place with a great tennis scholarship in Kansas and in just a couple of weeks we will be traveling there to bring our daughter to College and her tennis team. The search was wonderful. We were instructed well on how to react to coaches and whenever we needed to discuss progress or challenges, we were welcome to email or call. MADE Scholarships has made a dream come true and we could not have managed this without them.
Date of Posting: 18 juillet 2015
Posted By: Martijn Lemmens
MADE is a very good and honest organisation! Everything went smoothly and carefully. Very glad I worked with MADE!
Date of Posting: 01 août 2014
Posted By: Charlotte Tönjann
Both Dennis Den Boer and Eric Pietersz were very helpful throughout the recruiting process. They were patient and professional. They took the time to understand the athlete and worked towards the athlete's goals when picking a school. They helped me every step of the process, from filing out NCAA forms to sorting out school applications. They really took good care of me throughout the process and I'd recommend them to anyone who is looking towards playing collegiate sports!
Date of Posting: 23 juillet 2014
Posted By: Aslina Chua
Kuching, Malaysia
I would definitely recommend MADE Scholarship, because of their helpfullness and quick reaction throughout the recruiting proces with our son Lars.
Date of Posting: 22 juillet 2014
Posted By: Margot de Boer
I want to thank Colt and Made Scholarships for helping me find the school that was perfect for me. The recruiting process is tough, but with Colt's help I was able to focus on tennis instead of worrying about colleges. Without Colt and Made Scholarships I would not have been able to receive a tennis scholarship from UAB, a D-1 college.
Date of Posting: 13 mai 2013
Posted By: Matt Hill
Graag wil ik Eric en Dennis bedanken voor de begeleiding bij het recruiting proces. Voordat wij begonnen gaf ik aan dat ik mijzelf wilde ontwikkelen op het gebied van tennis maar ook goede opleiding wilde doen. Doordat ik volgens de regelementen van de NCAA niet in alle divisies speelgerechtigd was hebben Eric en Dennis mij door de wirwar van regels geholpen. Het resultaat is dat ik nu in Amerika studeer met een praktisch volledige tennisbeurs bij een van de top teams in de NAIA. Ik krijg elke dag toptraining en zal over 4 jaar mijn bachelors diploma behalen. Ik vind het hier geweldig and I am living the American dream!

Bedankt MADE Scholarships!

Date of Posting: 22 mars 2013
Posted By: Sophie van Beijnum
Gainesville GA
Dennis and Made Scholarships was an integral part in the process of contacting colleges in the United States and ultimately acquiring an athletic scholarship. Dennis was extremely helpful in corresponding with the various colleges and providing helpful advice on how to deal with the various situations that one comes across in the pursuit of a college. Because of his experience, Dennis was able to point out some things that I should be aware of, such as acquiring the right papers, test results and gave tips on making a smooth transition into the US. Furthermore, it was reassuring to know that Dennis was readily available via phone, email and Skype whenever I had a question or concern.

I would most definitely recommend Made Scholarships if you are seeking complete guidance in finding a college that suits your needs and are seeking help in trying to attain an athletic scholarship.
Date of Posting: 04 janvier 2012
Posted By: Sean Verhallen
North Saanich, Canada
Thank you Colt and Made Scholarships for the guidance during my recruiting process. Initially, the process was intimidating and I am thankful I had the good people at Made Scholarships in my corner to help me achieve my goal to play tennis in the SEC and LSU. Thank you so much!
Date of Posting: 02 janvier 2012
Posted By: John-Michael Bush
My experience with MADE scholarships are very positive. Before we started the process I had no clue what to expect. After a few e-mails back and forth, we had an intake in which the whole process was described. After the intake we knew immediately we wanted to work with MADE! I really enjoyed the personal attention and the fact that they were always available and responded quickly to our questions. They helped us step by step through the process and before I knew it I was at the University of South Alabama!

I am having such a great time here studying while playing the sport I love. I feel fortunate to experience this opportunity and I thank MADE Scholarships for making this happen!

Date of Posting: 18 décembre 2011
Posted By: Maureen Ros
Thanks Made Scholarships for the help and the support through a great experience and a difficult process to achieve the dream for our son Berry.

The road that led to Barry University in Miami was not always easy but with the “know how” off Made Scholarships and with the supervision of Dennis den Boer it has worked out great!

We as parents are very pleased to see that Berry is enjoying the school, the golf team, the weather, etc..

Made Scholarships has met our expectations and we have definitely “made” the right decision by choosing to work with them.

As parents we say thanks Made Scholarships!

Gerie and Bert Jole.
Date of Posting: 02 décembre 2011
Posted By: Bert Jole
Terminés mes études en juin 2010 et après avoir obtenu le baccalauréat au canton Tessin, j’ai commencé tout seul à chercher une université en USA et je me suis toute de suite rendu compte qu’il n’était pas possible de pouvoir contacter les coach américains, parce qu’ils ne me répondaient pas à mes e-mail. J’ai alors pris une décision: de m’inscrire chez MADE SCHOLARSHIPS. À partir de ce moment là, monsieur Marc Duckeck de Baar est devenu mon agent et il m’a permis de contacter plusieurs coach des colleges les plus importants en USA. Il m’a aider pour tout ce qui concerne la partie burocratique, pour les renseignements relatifs aux examens que j’ai du passer avant d’avoir droit à l’acces à l’université. J’ai trouvé en Marc un ami qui a pris mon cas sérieusement et à tout moment de la journée je pouvais parler avec lui pour résoudre mes questions. Grace à monsieur Marc j’ai obtenu une bonne bourse d’étude dans l’université MARIST a New York.

Aux étudiants qui veulent commencer une nouvelle vie en Amérique sans pourtant abandoner leurs sport pratiqué à un bon niveau, j’affirme que cette agence, la MADE SCHOLARSHIP et son agent Marc Duckeck, donnent toutes les meilleurs conseils aux jeunes suisses et grace aux leurs contacts qui ont chez les coach en USA ils vous donnerons toutes les possibilités pour transformer votre rêve en réalité.
Date of Posting: 06 juin 2011
Posted By: Lorenzo Rossi
Locarno, Switzerland
I wanted to study abroad and further improve my tennis. Through MADE Scholarships I had the opportunity to study in Hawaii, play for a great team and get a once in a lifetime experience. MADE helped me through each step of the process and I would have never had the chance to study in such a beautiful place and combine it with tennis if it weren't for MADE's support. I recommend MADE Scholarships to anyone who wants to live their dream and study in the US on a sports scholarship.
Date of Posting: 21 mai 2011
Posted By: Marc Gooch
Wollerau, Switzerland
I've been playing on the tour for a couple of years and was always set back due to injuries. MADE Scholarships has given me the opportunity to explore an atlernative route through playing college tennis. Through the high level of competition in collegiate tennis I can further develop as a player while at the same time get a university degree. This was the ideal solution for me and I'm very glad to have had the professionals at MADE help me find the right school. I can highly recommend their service to any young athlete interested in pursuing a university degree withough giving up his or her sport.
Date of Posting: 16 mai 2011
Posted By: Milica Tomic
Romanshorn, Switzerland
Made Scholarships absolutely has met our expectations. A long and careful preparation has proved to avoid most pitfalls.

The personal supervision of Made Scholarships has led us through this difficult process.

Now, after her first year in the USA, we are verry happy to see that Sophie is enjoying herself tremendously.

As parents, you want the best for your child. Made Scholarships helped us to achieve this.
Date of Posting: 17 mars 2011
Posted By: Jeroen en Yolande Heldoorn
Blaricum, Netherlands
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Margot Colenbrander (Field hockey) University of Connecticut

Ank Vullings (Tennis) University of new Orleans

Wessel Berenschot (Soccer) Saint Leo University

Ties van den Eijnde (Soccer) Life University

Roxanne Kis (Icehockey) York University

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Florien ten Broeke (Field hockey) Lindenwood-Belleville University

Swenne Albert (Tennis) Minnesota State University Moorhead

Alinda Dersjant (Volleyball) Boston College

Brechte Norel (Basketball) Northeast Community College

Douwe Sternfeld (Tennis) Averette University

Aerin Kolfoort (Field hockey) Shippensburg University

David Koert (Tennis) Lindenwood-Belleville University

Silke Voets (Swimming) Campbell University

Minke Koomen (Field hockey) Holy Cross University

Maxine Palmen (Tennis) University of South Alabama

Selina Merfol (Volleyball) Columbia College

Patrik Hartmeier (Tennis) Georgia Gwinnett College

Lotte de Koning (Field hockey) University of Delaware

Jiva de Veer (Tennis) Southeastern University

Laetitia Charbonnet (Tennis)

Anne van den Boomen (Field hockey) Hofstra University

Lotte Lesscher (Tennis) Goldey Beacom College

Mendy de Rooi (Swimming) University of the Cumberlands

Jeremy Despont (Tennis) Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Milan Ludlage (Tennis) University of Montevello

Sam Bakker (Tennis) Southern Wesleyan University

Madelief Vermeulen (Field hockey) Lindenwood-Belleville University

Stan Martherus (Tennis) North Carolina Wesleyan College

Zoe Gubbels (Tennis) Angelo State University

Anne Marijn Bruijn (Field hockey) Colgate University

Dominic Signorello (Tennis) Ventura Community College

Frederique Tollenaar (Field hockey) Limestone College

Ruben Hoekstra (Tennis) Missouri Valley College

Nicolas Dierynck (Basketball) Lindenwood-Belleville University

Timothee Charlet (Tennis) Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Koen Blom (Baseball) Green River College

Daniel dos Santos (Soccer) University of Dayton

Stijn Bremer (Tennis) Lawrence Tech University

Jade Elling (Soccer) Faulkner University

Timo Christen (Tennis) University of Alabama Huntsville

Eline van Heijningen (Volleyball) Central Connecticut State University

Thijs Hagen (Tennis) Concordia University

Sophie de Jonge (Field hockey) University of Massachusetts

Oscar Donker (Tennis) William Woods University

Merle Kooman (Field hockey) Ball State University

Marvin Hakvoort (soccer) Mercyhurst College

Laura van der Hage (Tennis) University of North Georgia

 Jaap Mutsaers (Basketball) Northern New Mexico College

Ingmar Remmerswaal (Tennis) Cypress College

Floor Rozemeier (Field hockey) Providence College

Fleur Wesseink (Volleyball) Benedictine College

Masao Perret (Tennis) Middle Georgia State University

Doris Offerhaus (Field hockey) Saint Joseph's University

Djurre Hoeksema (Cross country) Maryville University

Melody Taal (Tennis) Seton Hall University

Bram Alkemade (Tennis) Berry College

Anniek Jansen (Tennis) Seton Hall University

Anne Douwes (Tennis) Davenport University

Sanne Hoekstra (Tennis) University of Wyoming

Zoe Bouwmeester (Tennis) McPherson College

Olger van Gent (Tennis) Azusa Pacific University

Naa Ankrah (Tennis) Mesa College

Mathilde Terleth (Track) Robert Morris University

Marit Lemmens (Tennis) Newman University

Lisanne Visseren (Tennis) William Jewel College

Linda Vink (Tennis) Montana State University

Jelmer van Vliet (Tennis) William Woods University

Hanna Yu Scherpbier (Field hockey) Ohio State University

Elise van Zijst (Tennis) University of South Dakota

Claudia van den Brink (Tennis) LSU-Alexandria

Celine Koets (Tennis) University of Idaho

Anna Sjoukje Runia (Track) University of Miami

Aurelia Meijer (Field hockey) Penn State University

Bart Sommeling (Swimming) Lindenwood University Belleville

Benoit Bourban (Tennis) St. Mary's University

Dennis Arnold (Tennis) Lindenwood University Belleville

Emmanuel Emma's (Soccer) Wayland Baptist University

Emma Lucas (Field hockey) Providence College

Floris De Koning (Soccer) Bethel College

Hanna Van Horen (Swimming) Wingate University

Illona Hartman (Field hockey) Ohio University

Philipp Sluga (Tennis) Francis Marion University

Irene Fritschy (Field hockey) Saint Francis University

Jannis Walter (Tennis) King University

Jeffrey Hesta (Soccer) Lindenwood University Belleville

Tarass Thevenin (Tennis) Francis Marion University

Josha van den Elzen (Swimming) Lindenwood University Belleville

Juan Pablo Jochems (Soccer) Morningside College

Julia Mulder (Tennis) William Woods University

Kiki Bink (Field hockey) University of Delaware

Lisa Giezeman (Field hockey) University of Delaware

Lucas Brouwer (Soccer) Morningside College

Metten de Jong (Soccer) Lindenwood University Belleville

Niekie Pellens (Soccer) University of Missouri-Kansas City

Nina van Egmond (Field hockey) Rider University

Olle van den Boom (Track) Lindenwood University Belleville

Puck Pentenga (Field hockey) Northwestern University

Sayna Azad (Basketball) Missouri Southern Sate University

Siem Klok (Soccer) Rocky Mountain College

Stanzi Stuyt (Tennis) University of South Dakota

Valentina Mueller (Golf) University of Delaware

Steven Vink (Tennis) Davenport University

Susan Beks (Ski) Rocky Mountain College

Roos-Sanne Claasen (Track and Field) University of Tulsa 

Lisanne Bak  (Tennis) Middle Georgia State College

Noëlle van Zadelhoff  (Basketball) Southern Wesleyan Univeristy

Shannon Loos (Field hockey) Viginia Commonwealth University

Loïs Wagenvoort (Tennis) University of Texas El Paso

Giedo Roth (soccer) Middle Georgia State College

Charlotte Tönjann (Tennis) UMBC

Lieke Visser (Field hockey) Syracuse University

Milou Pietersz (Tennis) Nicholls State University

Shaquille Bleecke (Track and Field) Lindenwood University Belleville

Valeria Podda (Tennis) Georgia Gwinnette College

Alex Blekkink (Soccer) Georgia Gwinnette College

Naomi de Hart (Tennis) Boise State University

Stanzi Stuijt (Tennis) University of West Alabama

Philippe Weppernig (Golf) Owens Community College

Helena Korompis (Tennis) Georgia Gwinnette College

Lucas de Groof (golf) College of the Canyons 

Alessio Muggli (Hockey) Framingham State University

Gisela Kemper (Tennis) University of Nothern Iowa

Ruud Grol (Soccer) Georgia Gwinnette College

Aslina Chua An Ping (Tennis) Michigan State University

Tim Driessen (Tennis) Middle Georgia State College

Marjolijn Oskam (Volleyball) Xavier University