Tim Loohuis Placed

College cross country beurs Amerika Tim Loohuis

Date of birth:
Year of grad:





October 2018
Transfer student

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6' ft
Weight: 165 lbs

Personal and academic information

Tim is a 21-year-old athlete from Haaksbergen, The Netherlands. Tim is a very social person who loves to travel and likes to do things with other people. He is a very athletic guy and in addition to running he used to compete in survival events and play soccer.


Tim graduated the high school  (MBO level) in 2016. In 2016/2017 he took a gap year and traveled around the world for one year. It was a big eye opener for him, because he saw that not every country is similar to the Netherlands. He did volunteer work in Thailand as an English/sports teacher and did farm work in Australia. In the school year 2017/2018, Tim enrolled in a Dutch university majoring sport, health and management and successfully passed all of his classes.


In order to develop further as an athlete Tim is now looking to transfer to an American University in the spring of 2019. He is scheduled to take his TOEFL in October of 2018.


Athletic information

At the age of 11, Tim started running and became a member of the Track & Field club in his hometown. First, he competed in both  cross country and survival races and even though he was doing well in the survival races he preferred the cross country. It was when Tim started his first year of university that he quit the sport survival and fully focused on running. Since then, Tim has made major improvements and his times improved drastically. Last year improved his 5k time with 40 seconds and now runs 5k in 16:24 minutes and 8 kilometers in 27:46 minutes. 


Tim is scheduled to compete in a few races this fall and his coach expects him to run a 5 k in 16:15 minutes in December of this year. Tim is doing a running competition (6 races) this fall in his province, he is also doing several races in his region. The most of this races are 5 k cross country runs. He planned to do a race 2/3 times in a month

His best results of this year:

  • January 16th; Wooldereslopen 5.1 km 17:01 minutes
  • February 4th; Wooldereslopen 5.1 km 17:16 minutes
  • February 25th; Wooldereslopen 5.1 km 16:44 minutes
  • March 11th; Elverloop 5km 16:24 minutes
  • March 18th; Wooldereslopen 5.1km 17:02 minutes
  • March 25th; Engelse Mijlenloop Haaksbergen 5 mile 27:46 minutes
  • April 2nd; De halve marathon van Hengelo 5km 16:40 minutes
  • May 19th; Gerard Terbroke Memorialloop 5 km 16:37 minutes
  • May 28th; Eiberrun 7km 24:16
  • June 9th; Vreden 5km 16:58 minutes 
  • June 16th; Wiezoloop 5km 16:30 minutes