Julia Ridder Placed

College voetbalbeurs Amerika Julia

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2021




Country: The Netherlands
Height:  6'3 ft
Weight: 182 lbs

Personal and academic information


Julia Ridder is a 16-year-old girl who lives together with her sister and mother in Huizen, the Netherlands. She is an ambitious, calm, loyal and caring person with a great passion for soccer. She is an easy and quick learner and always wants to become the best version of herself. Julia is in her senior year of high school (HAVO level) and is expected to graduate in June 2021. Julia acieved a score of 76 on her TOEFL and a composite score of 18 on the ACT.


To combine her passion with college, she wants to study at a university in the USA. Her drive is to get the best out of herself and is highly motivated to succeed. Due to her reliability and her punctuality she is trustworthy to strengthen an outstanding soccer team.


Athletic information


Julia started playing soccer at her local club HSV De Zuidvogels at the age of 7. She knew quickly she wanted to become a goalkeeper and because of her drive to win and intuition she developed herself quickly.


During her junior career she has always played in teams far above her age group.At the age of 14 in order to train and play at a higher level she transferred to SC ‘t Gooi, where she played in a boys team U-17. There she also trained 4 times a week in addition to her one or two games on the weekend. This summer in order to develop herself even more and to receive more professional training she made a transfer to the UVVA. This season (2020/2021) she will be the starting goalkeeper of the first U-17 girls team that competes in a U-16 boys competition.


Julia is a 6’3 ft goalkeeper with a tremendous reach. One of her stronger skills are her reflexes and her strong kick with both her feet and her ability to assist her defenders with a playing solution. Julia is a real leader that coaches her defense and she has a good tactical understanding of the game. Together with her strong and quick learning skills, new knowledge is rapidly retrospected in her goalkeeper performance.