Eline van Heijningen Placed

Volleybal beurs Amerika Eline

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



 Available Fall 2017





Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6'1 ft
Weight: 187 lbs

Personal and academic information

Eline is a seventeen year old girl who lives in Deventer, The Netherlands together with her parents and older brother. She is an independent and social girl who, besides playing volleyball, likes (to make) music and to travel. Eline also has coached several junior volleyball teams over the recent years.

Eline is in her senior year of high school (HAVO level) at CSE (Centre for Sports and Education) in Zwolle and is expected to graduate in June 2017. At the CSE she can combine her education with volleyball because this school adapts the course-roster to the training hours and also delivers training for selected sports, including volleyball.


Eline scored 1070 on her SAT and a 95 on her TOEFL.


Athletic information


Eline started playing volleyball when she was eight years old and her talents were soon recognized. During her junior career Eline was selected by the RTC (regional talent centre - Zwolle) and remained in this program for the maximum amount of time (five years). 


Last year she played in the third women's team of VV Alterno, in the second Division of The Netherlands. In addition she was middle blocker in the first junior team that became third at the Dutch national junior championships in 2016.


This season she is playing for the first womens team for Krekkers that plays in the first division. The choice to switch to this team is greatly influenced by the “power play” style of the team.


Eline is a 6'1 ft middle blocker that stands out because of her high jumps, powerful hits and her fast hits from all positions. She has a powerful and fast jump-serve and she has the ability to bring energy back in a team by her positive attitude and coaching abilities in the field. In addition she is very coachable and is a hard worker who gladly accepts a challenge. 


Eline practices 12 hours a week and plays competition in the weekends. 


Jump heights:

  • Reach height 2 hands: 231 cm/ 7'7 ft
  • Reach height 1 hand: 236 cm/ 7'9 ft
  • Block: 277 cm/ 9'1 ft
  • Attack: 291 cm/ 9'7 ft