Marjolijn Oskam Placed


Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2014




Fall 2013
Sept 2013

Country: The Netherlands
Height: 6'3 ft
Weight: 167 lbs

Personal and Academic Information

Marjolijn is a 17 years old girl who grew up in Bussum, The Netherlands. She is a positive creative person and besides playing volleyball Marjolijn also enjoys swimming and painting.


Marjolijn is a good student and she is used to combine her studies with a tough volleyball schedule. She speaks very well English and she has followed 3 years of international baccalaureate education. Marjolijn is currently enrolled as a senior in high school at the highest level of education in the Netherlands (VWO). She is expected to graduate in June of 2014 and is scheduled to take her ACT and TOEFL in the Fall of 2013. 


Marjolijn wants to reach the top in volleyball while pursuing a bachelor degree. College volleyball is the ideal step to achieve this goal.


Athletic Information


Marjolijn is a 6'3 ft, 167 lbs who plays at the Mid position. Blocking is one of her biggest strengths and she is the main blocker in the team. She has a positive attitude and is very coachable. 


A few of her volleyball specifications:


Reach height 2 hands: 246 cm/8.07 ft

Reach height 1 hand: 249 cm/8.17 ft

Block: 293 cm/9.61 ft

Attack: 302 cm/ 9.91 ft


Marjolijn has been playing for the Dutch national youth team since 3 years in which she played many international games and tournaments. Since 2011 Marjolijn has been selected for full time residency as a member of the Talent Team Holland, a program sponsored by the NOC/NSF (National Olympic Committee /National Sport Federation). The talent team offers a unique opportunity for top athletes to combine full time training, studying and living in Arnhem. Professional equipment and minimal travel time for the athlete are key elements. Practice, educational facilities, housing and facilitate medical care, physical training and mental guidance within cycling distance are offered to the athletes. Here they can develop themselves further with the ultimate goal to have them play for the national team!


Marjolijn practices 20 hours in the week with the Dutch national youth team and with a team that competes at the highest women's division. Last year she played first division club competition in the women's league. This year she will compete with the Dutch national youth team in the highest women's league in The Netherlands.

Her most notable results of the last two years are:


  • 4th place at the Dutch open national youth championships (NOJK), March 17th
  • 3rd place at a tournament in Brussels, with a.o. Turkey, France, Belarus,  etc. February 18th


  • 2nd place at the Dynamo tournament (International tournament for the  top youth), December 30th
  • 6th place at the 8-nations tournament in Pordenone, Italy. 3-1 victory  over France , 3-1 victory over Spain), July 23rd
  • Wins over Northern Lights USA. 1 win and 1 loss over Germany, July 12th
  • 4 time win against Chech Republic (3-2, 3-2, 3-0 en 3-1), March 24 
  • 3 wins against Norway, February
  • 1st place at Alterno Tournament, January 1st 


  • 3rd at MEVZA Tournament in Slovenia (2-1 loss to Slovenia, 2-1 win  over Austria, 2-1 win over Slovenia, 3-1 loss to Croatia and 3-0 win over  Israel), December 31
  • Played against the club teams of Bergamo, Busto Arsizio en Pavia in Italy, September
  • 4th at the tournament of Walonia, September 4th
  • 1st at the World Sports Festival in Vienna, July 27
  • Dutch Champion 2nd Division, April 17