Wietse Folkers Fall 2019

Atletiek beurs Amerika Wietse

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Transfer student

Country: The Netherlands
Height:  6'2 ft
Weight:  176 lbs

Personal and academic information


Wietse is a 20-year-old athlete from Zeewolde, The Netherlands. In his spare time, he mainly focusses on the local track and field club, where he is responsible for the technical training sessions for children aged between 10 and 16 years old. 


Wietse graduated high school in June 2014 and immediately enrolled in college in fall 2014. He is currently a senior majoring civil engineering with a minor in urban engineering and architecture, and is expected to graduate in June 2018. His dream is to pursue a masters’ degree in the USA while using his last year of eligibility. 


Athletic information


Wietse is an extremely motivated athlete, who performs at the national top of The Netherlands since 2015. After competing in the Decathlon, Wietse decided to focus on throwing the javelin since 2014. At this time the PB of Wietse was 38,93m (128 ft) with a 700 gram Javelin and his goal was to qualify for the U18 national championships that same year. Seven months later he qualified for the national championships and his PB improved to 49,31m (162 ft). Wietse finished 12th at nationals this year. He ended the season at a 15th place at the U18 list boys (700 grams).


Wietse’s hard work started to pay off, as can be seen by the progression made during the last few years. In 2015 Wietse moved to the 800 grams javelin, and improved his PB to 50,00m (164 ft). He ended his 2015 season at the 76th spot in the mens national ranking list, and 11th at the U20 list. At the U20 national championships, Wietse finished 8th.

In 2016, the last year as U20-athlete, Wietse managed to improve his PB in one season 58,04m (190.5 ft), which placed him second in the national ranking list U20, and a 27th spot at the men's national ranking list. At the U20 national championships, Wietse finished 4th, just out of the medals. This was the first year he joined a javelin team (now known as ‘TeamSpeer-IT Kampen), which gave an enormous boost and a higher technical quality to his training sessions.


During the season of 2017 he had to deal with several injuries at the shoulder and back, but still managed to improve his PB by one meter to 59,11m (194 ft), which placed him 22th at the men's national ranking list.

In the summer of 2017 he set national and international goals on the short and long term. He slowly increased the amount of training sessions to 10 sessions a week (15-18 hours a week) and be even more serious about his nutrition. Wietse uses nutrition from Herbalife to support his normal nutrition. He is being supervised at his nutrition by Lars Timmerman (javelin thrower – 79,59m pb).


As a result of the increased practice, the coaching staff of Wietse is expecting him to improve his PB to 65m (213 ft) during the 2018 season.