Willemijn van Mierlo Fall 2022

College tennis beurs Amerika Willemijn

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Available Fall 2022



Fall 2021
Fall 2021

Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'6 ft
Weight: 154 lbs

Personal and academic information


Eighteen-year-old Willemijn van Mierlo from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, grew up in a big and athletic family with her parents and her three younger siblings. In addition to playing tennis, she has been performing judo and played soccer. 


Willemijn is a very social, kind, and hard-working girl. In her free time, she loves to read, spend time with her family and hang out with friends. She is also a tutor for kids in the neighborhood. Willemijn often plays tennis with her siblings and helps them out with school as well.


Willemijn takes her academic career very seriously. She is a senior in high school at the highest level (VWO) and is expected to graduate in June 2022. She is scheduled to take the SAT and TOEFL in the upcoming Fall. 


Athletic achievements


Willemijn started playing tennis at TC Amstelpark when she was six years old. During her junior career, she competed in national and international youth tournaments, winning numerous singles and doubles tournaments. Her highest national junior ranking was top 10 U-16. She is currently ranked number 107 in the National open Dutch ranking. Her highest UTR was a 7.54 and she currently has a rating of 6.66.


Willemijn is an aggressive baseliner who likes to take control over the rally and step into the court and she can also rely on her steadiness. She has a strong forehand with which she can accelerate really easily and a steady and strong backhand. She likes to play doubles and is very comfortable at the net. Willemijn is always finding ways to improve her skills and her game and is a quick and eager learner. 


Willemijn enjoys playing matches, especially the ones with her team during the club competition since she is a real team player both on and off the court. She trains almost daily on the court and in the gym.