Daniel Fouchier Placed

Daniel Fouchier college tennis in Amerika

Date of birth:
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Available Fall 2019




Country: The Netherlands
Height:  6'4 ft
Weight: 174 lbs

Personal and academic information


Daniel is an intelligent, competitive and sociable 19-year-old individual from the Netherlands. Tennis has been central in his life since he was 6 years old. Not a surprise because his parents met on the tennis court and are both still competitive players.


At the age of 13, he moved to Germany because of his father’s job. He attended the International School of Düsseldorf (ISD) for one and a half years. At ISD he received the award for most valuable tennis player in 2014. Before going back to the Netherlands he went on a world trip with his family for half a year when he was 14 years old. With just a backpack and a tennis racket they visited all continents learning lessons for life. During this period his parents homeschooled him and his brother.


In addition to being a great athlete he also excels in the class room. He graduated high school at the highest level (VWO) at the top 2% of the Netherlands and he passed his primary school end test at the top 1% in June of 2018. Daniel is currently in a gap year to fully focus on his tennis. In order to fund his training sessions, he actively works for Intime Tennis Academy by sparring and coaching and during the weekend and evenings he works as a bartender for the tennis club.


It is Daniel’s dream to play college tennis in the fall of 2019.


Athletic information


Daniel won his first tournament at age 7 and was therefore selected for the national district training. During his junior career he played the national junior tournaments, competing with the best boys of the Netherlands. His highest junior ranking was 8 also due to his excellent double skills. In Germany he was also accepted for the district training although he was a foreigner. He played some youth tournaments with good results and once back in the Netherlands he started to play Men’s open tournaments. 

Daniel is a 6’4 ft right, two-handed backhand player and his biggest weapon is his strong and impactful serve. He is an aggressive baseline player who will go to the net when he sees an opportunity. In addition he has solid ground strokes, great footwork and is also physically strong. Daniel has a UTR of 10.16 but based on his results it should be closer to 11.5.


For years now Daniel has been training 12-15 hours per week, both tennis and physical/condition training. Last season, although he had to prepare for his high school exams, he played both on Saturday and Sunday in two teams for two different clubs with really good results; improving every week. On Saturday he played in the highest league winning 5 out of 7 singles. During summer he played a lot of Men’s open tournaments with his best result winning the doubles in the highest category. 


Best UTR results

  • 6-1 6-1 win over Sjoerd Migchelsen (UTR 9.55), May 2019
  • 7-6 3-6 5-7 loss to Willem van den Akker (UTR 11.32, St. Leo University) May 2019
  • 6-2 6-3 win over Guido van 't Leven (UTR 10.33) May 2019
  • 6-3 6-3 win over Marco van Trigt (UTR 11.21) April 2019
  • 3-6 6-4 6-2 win over Jay Zwinkels (UTR 11.42, national open Men’s ranking  68) June 2018
  • 3-6 4-6 loss to Sten Leusink (UTR 11.27, De Paul University) May 2018
  • 7-5 0-6 3-6 loss to Remi Kegel (UTR 11.51) May 2018
  • 7-6 6-0 win over Tribb de Jong (UTR 11.37, national open Men’s ranking 100) April 2018
  • 6-3 6-3 win over Gijs Offringa (UTR 10.08, St. Thomas Aquinas College) January 2018


  • 0-6 7-6 10-5 win over Wilco Geenen (UTR 11.59, national open Men’s doubles ranking 10) and Luuk van Eeuwen (UTR 11.43, national open Men’s ranking 184)
  • 6-4 2-6 7-6 win together with his father over Bart van Haarlem (UTR 11.73, national open Men’s ranking  79) and Tomas Tallart Fabre (UTR 10.43, national open Men’s ranking 103).