Jurre Seegers Fall 2020

College tennis beurs Amerika Jurre

Date of birth:
Year of grad:


Available Fall 2019




Country: The Netherlands
Height:  6'7 ft
Weight: 183 lbs

Personal and academic information

Nineteen-year-old Jurre Seegers from Noordwijk, the Netherlands, grew up in a sports minded, athletic family, with a former professional soccer player and now coach/trainer as a father and a mother being a resident in pediatrics. In that perspective he has learned from an early age that pursuing a dream comes with dedication, discipline and organization. In his free time Jurre works in a tennis specialty store, owned by a former Wimbledon stringer. This job gives him the chance to acquire a lot of knowledge of tennis material and racket stringing. 

He is a very intelligent young man with a wide scope of interest, who desires to study a combination of Philosophy, Political Science and/or Economics. Jurre graduated highschool with a beta curriculum (Science, Biology, Chemistry and Math) supplemented with Economics, Latin, French and English at the highest level (Gymnasium) in July of 2018. Jurre achieved a composite score of 27 on his ACT and 109 on the TOEFL. 


Jurre used his post graduation year working and training hard and he is currently enrolled at the Vrije Universiteit and is looking to transfer in Fall of 2020.


Athletic information


Jurre grew up practicing both soccer and tennis from the age of six. At age ten he decided to focus on tennis solely, upping his game and practice hours.


During his junior career Jurre played the national junior tournaments resulting in his participation in the National Junior Championships in 2014 and the regional masters in the past two years. The last few years Jurre experienced an extreme growth spurt and in order to deal with this he invested a lot of time in developing strength, technique and agility. While Jurre has reached his final height, he continues to grow stronger every day, which gives him the opportunity to keep growing in his game. As a result he is able to make the most out of his height (6’7 ft!) without giving in on other areas.


Jurre is an aggressive baseline player who looks for an opportunity to come in to the net. He dominates with a crushing serve and has the ability to naturally generate a lot of power in his strokes. He is one of the very few players in the circuit that combines a whipping single handed backhand with a very dangerous forehand. He is a social, dedicated team player that works hard, learns extremely fast and is mentally strong. In addition he is a very creative player who can surprise his opponent with out-of-the-box strategies.  


Latest UTR Results



  • 6-2 6-4 win over Niek Wigger (UTR 10.37 and Dutch open ranking of 259) in January 2019
  • 5-7 1-6 loss to Aron Ouwejan (UTR 9.94 and Dutch open ranking of 300) in January 2019
  • 6-4 4-6 2-6 loss to Daan Bank UTR 9.75) in August 2018