Andrea Ramic Placed

College tennis beurs Amerika Andrea

Date of birth:
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Available Fall 2018




May 2018
May 2018
May 2018

Country: Belgium
Height:  5'6 ft
Weight:  134 lbs

Personal and academic information

Andrea is a 17-year old girl who grew up in an athletic family with both parents.  Andrea was born in Leiden, The Netherlands, but spent most of her life in Brussels, Belgium. She has lived in three different countries where she got to know different cultures and languages. She grew up to a social and open minded individual having lot of friends from different countries. She is very a dynamic and enthusiastic person full of energy always willing to perform the best.

Andrea is gifted and she had many different hobbies in her life. She always seeks a new challenge and she is keen to learn. Andrea is very creative and she loves photography. She plays violin since she was 6-year old, playing regularly on concerts with her music academy orchestra. Her most important hobbies are her sports. Besides tennis she is very good in cycling, windsurfing and rowing. Andrea loves competition.

Andrea is academically strong holding a 3.3 GPA while doing the highest level of the secondary school (ASO). She will be graduating in June 2018 in the subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Dutch language, English language, French language, History and Geography. She is fluent in Dutch, French, English and Serbo-Croatian. Andrea is scheduled to take the  SAT and TOEFL in May of 2018 and is expected to do very well.


Athletic information

Andrea is a 5’6 ft. right-handed player who loves to play aggressively. She can also be patient and alternate different ground strokes. Her strongest weapons are a solid baseline game, an aggressive backhand, a strong service and a good slice. This all fits with her exceptional power and endurance.

Andrea loves to practice and master her shots. She spends 8-10 hours a week on the tennis court. Besides, she participates in physical trainings and she regularly enjoys other sports. Andrea plays tournaments and club team competition resulting in 40 to 60 matches a year. Andrea likes to play in a team and she is always supportive for her team mates. She is a good doubles player. 

Andrea sees college tennis as a chance to continue with even more tennis training and competition while she further develops academically.

Best results in the past year

  • 6-3; 6-3 win over Acelya Bozok; UTR 7
  • 6-1; 7-5 win over Clarissa Marro; UTR 7