Patrick Shelepov Placed

Tennis scholarship Amerika Patrick

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2018





Country: The Netherlands
Height:  6' ft
Weight:  165 lbs

Personal and academic information


Patrick is a 17-year-old boy from the Netherlands who considers tennis as one of the most important parts of his life and it is the thing he likes to do the most. When he is not studying or training he loves to cook for his family and friends. He enjoys meeting new people and exploring new places.


Patrick has an ear for languages and speaks English, Dutch and Russian fluently and can have a decent conversation in German. Mathematics and economics come pretty naturally to him too. 


Patrick is known as a calm and a hardworking student. He enjoys studying and sticking to the study schedules he makes weekly for himself. He graduated high school (HAVO level) in June of 2017 and is currently taking a gap year. The first 3 years were taught in both Dutch as wel as English. In his final two years of high school he studied advanced English. He is scored an 102 on the TOEFL and a 1210 on the SAT.


Currently, he is searching for a scholarship in the U.S.A. to combine his passion for tennis with excellent education provided in the US. He is interested in international business and would like to major that in college Studying in the US will not only provide him with an excellent education and the possibility to develop his tennis skills, but it will also allow him to meet new people and explore the rich American culture. 


Athletic information


Patrick started playing tennis when he was seven years old. First with his father as his coach, then soon selected for practices provided by the Dutch tennis association and moving into the tennis school Approach. 

Patrick is a right-handed player who is 6' feet tall. He is a player who likes to play from the baseline, but will go to the net if the possibility arises. His biggest strengths are his serve and his backhand down the line. He has great footwork, is mentally very strong and is known on the circuit for his great endurance and for the great passion he shows on the court.  Even though tennis is an individual sport, he is a real team player and enjoys playing doubles as well.

Patrick has been playing 12 to 18 hours of tennis a week, with a few additional hours of fitness as well.


Throughout his junior career, Patrick has always competed in tournaments and has won several dozen of them, including junior and open tournaments. Nowadays, he plays the NRT’s (national open ranking tournaments)  and is currently ranked 183rd in the singles and 111th in the doubles on the Dutch open national ranking list. He has a UTR rating of 11 and recently reached the final 16 in the National Dutch Junior U-18 Championships on hardcourt in March 2018. 

Best results in the past year

  • 6-4; 6-2 win over Karol Van Der Linden; Dutch Open ranking of 209
  • 4-6; 6-4; 6-4 win over Sander de Bruijn; Dutch Open ranking of 111
  • 3-6; 7-5; 3-6 loss to Elgin Khoeblal; UTR 11.18 Dutch Open ranking of 142
  • 3-6; 5-7 loss to Gijs Akkermans; UTR 12.33; Dutch Open ranking of 76
  • 4-6; 5-7 loss to Roland Stuurman; UTR 11.24;  Dutch Open ranking of 99