Stan Martherus Placed

Tennis beurs Amerika Stan

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



 Available Fall 2017





Country: The Netherlands
Height:  5'8 ft
Weight:  147 lbs

Personal and academic information


Stan is a 17 years old boy from Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. He is an enthusiastic, polite, hardworking individual with a good sense of humor. In his spare time he enjoys a lot of other sports, like skiing, basketball and also likes to spend time with friends and family.


Besides tennis, Stan also played in the soccer at a high level and he was captain of the under-15 and under-17 team. Despite still having a passion for soccer, Stan decided to quit playing soccer in order to focus more on his tennis career. 


Stan also excels in the class room and he is currently a senior at the highest level of high school in The Netherlands (Gymnasium). He is expected to graduate in June 2017 in the following subjects: Dutch language, geography, biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, English language and literature (CAE), Latin language and culture and PE. Stan achieved a composite score of 29 on his ACT and a 104 on his TOEFL.


Stan sees playing college tennis in the USA as a unique combination of high level of education, development of his tennis game and growth as a person.


Athletic information


Stan has been playing tennis since he was 7 years old. During his junior career Stan successfully played both junior tournaments as well as open men’s tournaments. Last summer he finished 8th overall in the regional open circuit, and 1st in his own category. Apart from this, Stan has also played club team competition during spring of the last 7 years.


Stan is a 5’8 ft tall right-handed aggressive player, who likes to dominate from the baseline. When the opportunity arises, he also likes to come to the net. His biggest weapons are his aggressive forehand, his speed and movement around the court. Stan also plays with great determination and has a good work-ethic.


In addition to his club training at TC Domstad, Stan also started practicing at Balance Tennis Academy (BTA), in order to take his tennis to the next level. Under the guidance of his coach Ewald Spaaij, of whom he takes private lessons, Stan made big improvements. At the moment Stan practices at least 4 times a week and does additional strength and conditioning training.