Sam Bakker Placed

Tennis beurs Amerika Sam

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2017






Country: The Netherlands
Height:   6'3' ft
Weight:  150 lbs

Personal and academic information


Sam is a very social hardworking boy who grew up with his parents, his younger brother and sister in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In addition to tennis he also played soccer untill he was 12 years old. In his spare time he likes spending time with his friends and family.


Sam is expected to graduate high school (HAVO level) in June 2017. He likes the school subjects mathematics, physics, PE, biology and chemistry. 


Sam is very motivated to play college tennis in the USA in order to improve his educational level, his English and of course his tennis level. It is his dream to be part of a college team and train/play tennis on a daily basis.


Athletic Information


Sam started playing tennis at the age of 12 and he immediately spent a lot of time to perfect his technique. In his first two years of playing (besides his regular club training) he played and practiced a lot by himself and used video recording to fine tune his strokes. During his junior career Sam successfully played junior and open tournaments. 


Sam is now practicing 4 times a week and the last two years he is also practicing at the Balance Tennis Academy besides his club training at TC Domstad. He has made great progress the last two years and he won the regional open championships of Utrecht this summer. In addition to the tennis training he is also doing fitness 3 days a week. 


Sam is a tall (6ÔÇÖ3 ft) talented right-handed player who likes to play aggressive from the baseline. His biggest weapons are his powerful serve with lots of variation and his forehand. He has great footwork and when the opportunity arises he likes to go to the net in order to put more pressure on his opponent.