Lotte Lesscher Placed

Tennisbeurs Amerika Lotte Lesscher

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2017


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Country: The Netherlands
Height: 5'10 ft
Weight: 143 lbs

Personal and academic information

Lotte is a seventeen-year old girl who is born in Spain and grew up in Arnhem, The Netherlands, from the age of nine. Lotte is a very happy and adventurous girl who loves to travel and learn new things.

She is currently a senior in High school and she is expected to graduate in June 2017. She speaks Spanish fluently and would like to Major in business. 

Being a college student- athlete in the USA has been a life-long dream for Lotte. She sees college tennis as a great opportunity to play tennis at a high level while pursuing a bachelor degree.  

Athletic Information

Lotte started playing tennis in Mallorca, Spain at the age of six. As a junior, Lotte played the National Junior Circuits and she achieved a highest national ranking of 58 (girls under 16 ). In addition, Lotte won several open women’s tournaments in singles as well as in doubles.

In junior club competition she became runner up with her team in the National mixed competition in 2009 and National champion in 2010 (boys and girls under 14). In June 2011, Lotte and her team became National Champignon in the National Girls Competition (girls under 17).

Lotte is a tall right- handed offensive baseline player who waits for the right moment to hit a winner or to move forward to the net. Lottes biggest strength is here serve and she likes to use her powerful backhand to attack.

Lotte currently doesn’t have an open national women’s ranking because in the summer months she often visits her father in Spain and therefor misses a lot of tournaments. While in Spain, she trains every day to improve her tennis with tennis coach Dennis Schenk.