Patrik Hartmeier Placed

Tennis stipendium USA Patrik

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October 2016
October 2016

Country: Switzerland
Height:   6'2 ft
Weight:   172 lbs

Personal and academic information


Patrik is a 19-year-old boy from Aarau, Switzerland who grew up in a very athletic family. He is an out-going person who loves all kinds of sports like Ping Pong, Beach soccer, Soccer. In addition he loves to spend a lot time with friends, go to the movies, drawing and to listen to music.


Patrik graduated his first part of  high school at the second highest level in Switzerland (Handelsdiploma, E-Profil, one level below Matura) in July 2016. This year he is working to complete his second part, the commercial-apprenticeship, and he will receive his diploma in June 2017. He is scheduled to take both the SAT test and TOEFL test in October 2016.


Athletic information


Patrik started to play tennis at a very early age and during his junior career he played all the national ranked tournaments. He was 4 times Champion in his canton Aargau and semifinalist at the National singles championships U-18 and national doubles champion under 18 in 2015. Patrik is currently ranked 70 in the Swiss open mens rankings and has a UTR of 13.


Patrik is an aggressive player who likes to control the game with his forehand. When he sees an opportunity he always tries to come into to the net. He also likes to play serve and volley on faster surfaces. His strengths are his powerful forehand and serve but also his good footwork. Patrik is a great team player and he always has a very positive attitude on and outside the court. 


Best results

  • 6:3 / 6:4 win over Salviato Francesco (ITA); UTR 13, #73 Italian open ranking
  • 6:4 / 6:3 win over Raphael Baltensperger; UTR 14, #22 Swiss open ranking
  • 3:6 / 7:6 / 2:6 loss to Loic Perret;  UTR 14, (ATP 953), #12 Swiss open ranking
  • 6:4 / 6:4 win over Muhammed Fetov; UTR 13, #46 Swiss open ranking
  • 4:6 / 6:3 / 6:0 win over Filip Svensson; UTR 15, #60 Swiss open ranking
  • 6:4 / 7:5 and 6:4 / 6:2 win over Peter Lang; UTR 12, #70 Swiss open ranking
  • 7: 5 / 6:2 win over Noel Kunz; UTR 12, #82 Swiss open ranking
  • 6:4 /6:3 win over Aleksei Nerushenko (SPA); UTR 12
  • 7:5 / 6:2 win over Fabian Gruber (AUT);  UTR 12, #77 austrian open ranking
  • 5:7 / 4:6 loss to Martin Toby (GBR); UTR 14, ATP 958