Douwe Sternfeld Placed

Tennis beurs Amerika Douwe

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



Available Fall 2017






Country: The Netherlands
Height:   6'4 ft
Weight:  180 lbs

Personal and academic information

Douwe is a 17 year old boy who grew up with his parents and his younger brother and sister in Haarlem, the Netherlands. 

He is a very social and supportive person who loves playing the piano and sing. Douwe enjoys playing chess and undertakes a variety of activities with his friends. He is also a member of the youth club board of his tennis club ‘T.V. Duinvliet’, where he organizes tournaments and activities for the youth division of this club. In addition to tennis Douwe used to play soccer however he eventually chose to focus on tennis only to  reach his full potential. 

Douwe is currently a senior in high school at the highest level (Gymnasium) and is expected to graduate in June 2017. He is fluent (both oral and in writing) in Dutch, English, French and German and has high scores in mathematics. He has successfully participated in various debating competitions and has worked for several years in a sales job to pay for his extra cost in relation to tennis. 

Douwe considers college tennis as a great opportunity to further improve his tennis skills in combination with an academic challenge in an international context.

Athletic information

Douwe started tennis at the age of 8 and during his junior career he successfully played both junior tournaments as well as open men’s tournaments. Douwe and his coach are still working on finetuning his technique and every year he makes big steps in his development. As a result he currently surpassed most of the nationally trained kids on the rating. During season he plays tennis six days a week with an average of 12-14 hours per week.

Douwe is a 6’4 feet tall right-handed baseline player with a big serve, good slice backhand and quick hands at the net. He plays with a lot of variation and regularly plays a drop shot. In addition he has a good passing shot and running lob on both sides.  He is very fast on his feet for his height and his positioning on court is excellent.

Douwe usually wins his matches by tactically and physically outplaying them. Also, Douwe is a dedicated team player, works hard, learns fast and is mentally strong.