Swenne Albert Placed

Tennis beurs Amerika Swenne

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



 Available Fall 2017




N/A holds American passport

Country: The Netherlands
Height:   5'9 ft
Weight:  143 lbs

Personal and academic information


Swenne is a 17 year old girl from Amersfoort, the Netherlands, who comes from a real tennis family. She is a very social, and structured girl and one of her passions is organizing activities like the yearly junior tournament and tennis camp at her tennis club. In addition to tennis her schedule also includes acting, drawing, and hanging out with friends.


Swenne is also a determined student who works hard to achieve her goals. Two of her main qualities are her planning abilities and the discipline to carry out her plans, which serves Swenne well in her studies. She studies at the highest high school level in the Netherlands(VWO) and she is part of her school’s science honors program. Her favorite subjects are mathematics (the last 5 years she is tutoring mathematics  as well) and physics, as well as acting class.


Swenne has dual citizenship, Dutch and American, which exempts her from taking the TOEFL test. She is acheived a score of 24 on her ACT.


Athletic information


Swenne started playing tennis at the age of six and was quickly invited to join the selection team. The first major victory with her team was winning the Utrecht District Championships under ten.


During her junior career Swenne has always played in higher age groups, which has given her valuable experience and strength. Since 2013 she is playing open women’s tournaments and she was invited to play at the KNLTB District Masters tournament in summer of 2015. This Spring she is playing 4th division club competition at national level.


Swenne is an aggressive baseline player who likes to take control in the rally. When the opportunity arises she likes to come to the net to finish the point. Her greatest strength is her ability to overpower her opponent with her forehand. She also has a powerful serve and has good hands at the net. Swenne has a real winners mentality and does not give up. In addition Swenne is extremely fit and has never had any injuries.