Bram Alkemade Placed

Tennis beurs Amerika Bram

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



 Available Fall 2016





Country: The Netherlands
Height:   6'4 ft
Weight:  174 lbs

Personal academic information

Bram is an 18 year old boy who lives in Breukelen, The Netherlands, together with his his parents and two brothers. He is an enthusiastic and social individual who likes to experience new things and meeting new people.

Bram likes to spend his time at the tennis court, school and gym. In addition, he likes to run, play the piano, hang out with friends and windsurf with his own gear on the lake nearby. In the winter holiday he enjoys snowboarding with his family and friends in Austria and in the last few summer holidays he has been to countries such as the U.S.A , Indonesia and Thailand. 

At the moment he is starting a small company named “BB-productionz” , which produces promotion videos for companies. 

Bram is currently a senior at the highest level of High School (VWO) with a GPA of 3.5. His subjects are Economy, Management & Organization, Mathematics B,  Informatics, History, Physical Education, English Language, German Language and Dutch Language. He likes English Language, Management & Organization and Economy and he would like to major in this field. 

Bram is scheduled to take the SAT in January of 2016 and the TOEFL in February of 2016. He already has a certified proficiency in the English Language, as he obtained the Anglia Certification last year.

Athletic Information

Bram started to play tennis when he was six years old. He has also played soccer on a very high level until last year, when he decided to give his full attention to tennis. He has always trained at the tennis club in Breukelen. At the moment, he learns a lot from his highly skilled trainer Franko Zivkovic-Laurenta. Bram has played spring competition in different teams for the last nine years. 

Bram is an 6’4 ft offensive baseline player that likes to take the initiative in a rally. He has a big serve and he moves very well for a man his size. He has an excellent endurance, which gives him a significant advantage in the third set, which can be seen in his recent results. 

Bram is very eager to improve and he goes to the tennis court and/or the gym almost every day.