Oscar Donker Placed

tennis beurs Amerika Oscar Donker

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



 Available Fall 2016





Country: The Netherlands
Height:   5'11 ft
Weight:  140 lbs

Personal and academic information


Oscar is a 17-year-old boy who lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is a very enthusiastic and hard working person and he is always eager to learn new things. In addition to tennis he was also a talented soccer player but as he started to play more and more competitive tennis he quit playing soccer.


Oscar is currently a senior student in high school at the highest level in the Netherlands (VWO/Gymnasium) and he is expected to graduate in June 2016. His favorite subjects are math, physics and economics. Oscar is scheduled to take the ACT test in December of 2015 and the TOEFL in January 2016.


Oscar is looking forward to further improve his tennis skills in the USA while pursuing a bachelor's degree.


Athletic Information


Tennis has always been a passion for Oscar since he first started playing at the age of five. During his junior career he achieved a second place in the district championships and reached a national top 100 ranking as a junior under 16. In addition to junior tournaments he also played many open tournaments.


Oscar is an aggressive offensive player who likes to take the initiative in the rally and tries to keep the points short with his strong serve and forehand. When required he is also able to be patient and keep the rally going or to switch tempo with slice backhands and topspin balls.