Timo Christen Placed

tennis stipendium USA Timo Christen

Date of birth:
Year of grad:



 Available Fall 2016



Country: Switzerland
Height:   6'1 ft
Weight:  152 lbs

Personal and academic information


Timo is an 18 years old guy who grew up with his family in Unterägeri, Switzerland. He is interested in all kinds of sports, especially ball sports, but also skiing, diving and he also plays the saxophone.


Timo is currently going into his senior year of high school (Maturität, the highest level in Switzerland) with a GPA of 3.3 and is expected to graduate in June 2016. 


Timo is scheduled to take the TOEFL and ACT in the fall of 2015. He would like to continue his education in the US in order to keep a high academic level (which is very important to him) while playing tennis at a high level. He is very motivated and will do everything to do well in both school and tennis. 


Athletic information


Timo started to play tennis since he was 6 years old. During his junior career Timo played international “tennis Europe” tournaments and the „Sherpa“ tournaments where he was able to qualify for the Masters (only the eight most successful players of these tournaments in Switzerland can attend). Timo plays about 25-30 tournaments per year, including the Swiss Championship Qualification (reached the main Draw in 2013) and the regional championships. He achieved a highest open Men’s ranking of 324. Timo is currently ranked R2 but is on his way to become a R1/N4 player in the next few months.


Timo is right-handed and plays aggressive from the baseline. When the opportunity arises he likes to come in to finish the point at the net. His biggest strengths are his volleys and backhand and he never gives up. In addition he is a fair player and is always trying to learn from losses and that motivates him even more to improve his skills.  


At the moment he practices about ten hours weekly. He would love to train even more but unfortunately this is not possible as he attends the normal gymnasium and not a sports school.